Personal Empowerment for Children


True Balance is the Balance of Love, Wisdom and Power.

To embody personal power is to live an authentic life.



One ingredient necessary to live authentically, and therefore personally empowered, is courage. The origin of the word courage ~ middle English; denoting the heart as a seat of feeling. Much of English is derived from French and so it is here as the French word for courage is “corage”, the root being the Latin word “cor” meaning heart.


Following the path of language gave birth to the name, CenterSeat, for the Personal Empowerment for Children curriculum. The essence of the CenterSeat™ curriculum is Heart.


There are many things that contribute to personal empowerment and I will list some here:


★ Presence

★ Courage

★ Compassion

★ Connection

★ Authentic

★ Confident

★ Passionate

★ Enthusiastic

★ Wholehearted

★ Vulnerability

★ I AM Worthy Consciousness