A day or week-end in April is designated as Earth Day. It is my hope people come to honor and acknowledge the Earth all 365 days a year. The earth is a feminine planet called Earth Mother, Mother Earth, Mother Nature and Gaia or Mother Gaia. (Gaia comes from ancient Greek and was the primal Greek goddess personifying the Earth.) Even though we all walk upon Her, use Her resources, grow our food  and experience life as a human being does not guarantee everyone feels grounded, or even connected to Her. There are many who do not even feel safe or supported here on Earth. This brings me to write about the root chakra also referred to as the support or base chakra. We are energy beings and as such it is time for us to begin to understand our energetic nature. As we grow in this knowledge and understanding we grow in the ability to care for ourselves as a whole and that includes our energy system. Some of the rewards of a well balanced root/support chakra are physical health, feeling comfortable in your own body, having a sense of safety and security, experiencing “right livelihood”, prosperity, and the ability to be still. The imbalanced archetypes of the root chakra are the victim/tyrant. The balanced Archetype of the root chakra is none other than the Earth Mother.

Basic Root Chakra Information:

The Sanskrit name for this chakra is Muladhara meaning root or support. A simplified version of the symbol for the root chakra looks like this. The four lotus petals symbolize the four lower elements of fire, water, air, and earth. The element Earth is represented by the Square and the inverted triangle at the center lets us know that our energy is moving downward.  A balanced Root chakra provides us with a sense of stability connecting us to our material existence. In order to build anything of sustained value we need a strong and solid foundation. The root chakra is the foundation. If we are to manifest our hopes, dreams and desires on the Earth plane we need a balanced chakra system.

As you can see from this diagram the root chakra is located at the base of the spine. The color associated with the root chakra is red, it resonates to the note C and the seed sound Lam. The Deity associated with the root chakra is Ganesh, the elephant-headed god of the Hindu faith. Those open to Ganesh will find his assistance in overcoming obstacles here on earth. He helps us see obstacles are, in truth, opportunities for growth. He is called the remover of obstacles.

* It is wise to note that the chakras are a complete system which means when one chakra is out of balance it has an affect on all the other chakras. The energetic equivalent of our spinal cord system is the vertical column called the Sushumna within which the seven chakras are located. The Goddess Kundalini rests in a coiled position at the base awaiting the opportunity to rise.

Characteristics of Imbalance:

We all have areas of strengths and areas in our life that need more of our attention. Sometimes in order for us to recognize our strengths we must acknowledge our weakness. Other times to recognize our weak areas we must acknowledge our strengths. The areas in which we are weak are areas we are simply out of balance. A desire for a balanced and joyful life will eventually lead us to care for ourselves as a beings of great energy.

Chakras may be out of balance in two ways.

1) Excessive- meaning the chakra is spinning too fast and is too open.

2) Deficient- meaning the chakra is blocked and is spinning sluggishly and sometimes not at all.

Here are characteristics of a root chakra out of balance:


Heaviness, sluggishness, slow movements

Resistance to change

Bullying, self-centered

Over eating, obesity


Excessive spending

Material fixation, greediness



Fear, Anxiety, emotionally needy

Resistance to structure

Anorexia, underweight

Spaciness, Flightiness, Vagueness

Disconnection from your body

Restlessness, inability to sit still

Low self esteem, self destructive behavior

Difficulty manifesting

A Balanced Root Chakra

A balanced root chakra maintains equilibrium and spins at the correct vibrational speed. Characteristics are:


Physical health and high physical energy

A sense of safety and security

Stability and solidity

Right livelihood


Ability to be still

Presence in the here and now

Demonstrates self mastery and a sense of belonging

Become Aware:

Here is an exercise that will help you see where you are nicely balanced in the root or support chakra and areas that need your time and attention. The purpose of doing this is to create a wonderful foundation from which to build your life of abundance and joy.

Take a piece of paper and head the paper with 3 titles: Balanced-Excessive-Blocked. Get familiar with the characteristics of each condition. Use your mind to take you from the beginning of your week to the present viewing the variety of situations you experienced and consider what condition your root chakra was expressing from. Write it under the proper heading. There are certain patterns that get hard wired into the charka. When we discover certain patterns existing in the root charka that play out in our day to day life but do not serve us we can begin to change it. We can see these patterns by becoming aware of how our root charka is spinning. Is it too open or is it blocked? In what area is it beautifully balanced? Keep in mind that a chakra may be out of balance in both ways at different times depending upon the particular situation and how you resonate with that situation. Include mundane tasks such as paying bills, eating, shopping, your day at work, with family and so forth. You can apply the strategy of this exercise in a life review as well.

A Few Simple Ways to Balance:

The first chakra is associated with the adrenal glands and represents the survival instinct. When survival is threatened the adrenal glands flood the body with adrenaline and cortisol. Many of the triggers for survival in modern times relate to modern day worries such as money. A person can get locked into the fight/flight response which is extremely taxing mentally, emotionally and physically. A healthy diet, exercise and mediation are all common sense cures for stress. See A Conscious Rise above Survival

Food is a very root chakra activity. To attain or maintain a balanced chakra system avoid processed foods and move toward organic fresh and live foods.

To increase first chakra activity eat proteins such as tofu, meat, nuts, cheese, eggs, earthy foods such as root vegetables. Please note that meat is not necessary as there are many other sources of protein from which to choose.

To decrease first chakra activity lighten up on heavier foods, eating less protein, less fat and perhaps less in general.

To bring more Earth energy into your life increase your contact with nature through hiking, gardening, getting outdoors for daily walks. Get your hands into a project and actually handle something physical. Bring attention to your body through yoga, arts and crafts, working out, or by making something. Engage in fun activities with friends or family so you may feel the sense of tribe or support that comes with being in the company of people you care about and who care about you. Feel the earth beneath your bare feet and bring your attention to your root chakra. Allow your energy to connect down into the earth and bring energy up through your feet.

To reduce the holding of excessive Earth energy in your life eat less, sleep less and work less if you have workaholic tendencies. Watch your spending and your need for excessive material things. Remove clutter from your living environment. Move your body more, play more and lighten up through laughter and child-like activities. Connect with your family, friends, tribe or community. Share some of the excessive you have accumulated. This not only lightens your load it enhances a sense of sharing, caring and togetherness. Get outside and connect with the earth in an organic natural way. Let your feet to touch the earth. Focus on your root chakra and allow the excessive energy to drain into the earth. Imagine or feel a sense of safety and balance coming back up.

Whether your root chakra is excessive or blocked Meditate.

Find a place you will not be disturbed. Wear comfortable clothing and bring your attention to your breath long enough to quiet your mind and let your body relax. Bring your attention to the area where the root chakra is located. Visualize the symbol of the root chakra and rest in the inverted triangle feeling the arms of the earth mother caressing you and nurturing you into balance. Imagine your energy moving down from the tip of the triangle connecting you safely and securely into the crystal heart of Mother Earth. Observe the areas of your life that are blocked begin to open and receive energy from the earth. See the areas of your life that are excessive begin to relax and calm with the realization that in many cases less is more. See the areas of your life where balance is playing our perfectly with gratitude and appreciation. Extend this feeling of balance and love to all areas of your life. Relax, breath and balance. You can return to this safe and nurturing place often. Feel the love and nurturing of the earth mother in all you do.

A balanced chakra system provides the opportunity to experience all of life as a meditation.

May you feel safe and secure, may you be abundant and willing to share, may you remember the earth everyday in a personal way with love and appreciation.

peace, Astara