River of Life


Only love is permitted in my temple

All else pass through,

Leave no trace.

There is no room for doubt in this temple of mine,

there is no room for judgement.




Love flows through this temple, which is dedicated to, devoted to, and in love with love, the stream of Life, that gives of Its Self with no limit.

Should I come to visit I shall bring and give only love.

I shall leave no trace save love when I depart.

The endless stream of Life the “Life Stream” fills me to overflowing. Constant application to Universal Laws makes this so.

A great river is beginning to form.

I give “It” my attention and determination. This is my will.

Nothing shall have my attention, save love, the Stream of Life.

No outer activity shall divert me.

My power is directed consciously.

I give constant application to Self-correction and Self Discipline.

I Am lovingly obedient unto the Light. This is my choice.

I joyously receive the “ Presence” the “Pure Christ” Energy;  this is my reward.


I continue to learn to expand the vibration of joy, happiness, charity, hope and serenity. This is my choice.

When outer reality provides me a challenge, I consciously decide how I desire and choose to feel.

I can feel it intensely, satisfying the deep need to feel and in the feeling to feel alive.


The Life stream has been largely distorted. “Its” energy flows to us for our use.

So many rooms in the temple of mankind are filled with anger, resentment, jealousy, grief, and hatred qualifying the pure energy of Life with these qualities.

When outer reality provides a match for any of these qualities that quality is stimulated. It isn’t the Life Stream. It is the individual’s choice of cultivated qualities.

Feeling helps mankind feel alive. We do not have to develop the negative spectrum to feel alive but most of mankind has. This is a poor use of the Pure Love given us through the stream of Life. It is time to recognize the part we all play in creating our life and life all around us by how we feel, think. speak and act and set a course for higher vibrations.

It is so easy to express these negative destructive feelings simply because those are the ones continually cultivated through thoughts and the ungoverned activity of emotions. Much of the challenge is to control the energy and thereby redirect and channel the energy into higher states.

Qualify the energy with understanding, peace, and patience until a way is made clear to let go of all that mess.

Let no trace remain in the temple, your temple.  Allow the Stream of Life to flow unhindered.

My journey is to allow the Stream of Life to become a mighty river with momentum enough to carry me to the Light within Its heart.

And what of your journey? By what road do you travel?

Wherever you go in body or mind ~ Leave no trace save for love.

peace, love and light