Life Experiences:

Expereince is a great teacher

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Experience is the catalyst for real change. How you perceive your experience makes a difference.

The old becomes compost for the new in our life if we let go. If we hold on to the pain, the suffering, the anger, the fear it decays, putrefies and becomes the poison that makes us sick mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. The dis-ease can take the form of depression, cruelty, illness, and weakness on all levels.

Personal memory

I am reminded of a time when I was just 19 years old. I had been involved in a horrific motorcycle accident a year earlier. I did have an awakening at that time about how I created this reality but I was too young and too wounded to make use of this profound information. Because of that I fell asleep again.

My experience of the accident and all that it tried to tell me became the poison in my life. My depression was deep, my thoughts dark, my will to live was very weak. I found an escape with drugs that created a whole new set of problems. I finally reached a point of no return. I had a choice. I could dig in and find out what was causing me to be so unhappy and care so little for my life or I could continue on in the same old way and live a very short life. I chose to find myself.

This was in the 70’s. The self help industry was nothing like it is today. What I did find was a book by Norman Vincent Peale, ” Power of Positive Thinking.” I also read Proverbs in the Bible repeatedly. These were the only two sources of information I had at the time but it was a start. Like so many things in life we simply have to begin. My journey was clumsy and unguided. I literally cried everyday for the first 2 years. I thought I was losing my mind. In some ways I did. Looking back on this now if I had had the tools made available to us today I could have saved myself a lot of pain, grief, and time.

Our journey in life is our own:

It just so happens that was not the path for me. Rather than look upon this with regret I see it as part of the Divine plan. The way I learned may have been clumsy but I dove deep. The multitude of painful experiences and bad choices has given me a heart that is filled with compassion when I see others struggling, making bad choices, blind to the goodness of life or acting mean. I do not judge the wounded, I recognize them as such. I know too well how it feels to be judged for my poor choices. That was never helpful. It is not that we are innately weak or that we are stupid. It is that we have unwittingly carried our past experiences with us weighing us down, dimming our light, distorting our will. The signs of the wounded soul are everywhere. Love is what is needed.

My mantra: It just keeps getting better 🙂

We can choose to let the past become the compost for a bright healthy future. I am so happy I did. The alternative of carrying the weight of the past has nothing good to offer. I will not fool you and tell you it is all so easy but I will tell you that as you walk the path that liberates your soul,  life does get easier and just keeps getting better. Even the challenging times are easier to handle. We have tools like meditation, journal writing, walking in nature, doing yoga, breath exercises and so on and we actually use them. Another healthy choice.

The more we let go, the lighter we feel and the better able we are to receive inspired thoughts, align with and trust our intuition and find that happiness is our natural state of being. There is a Divine plan and that is; we have been given the enormous gift of creating our life.

The substance of experience is the catalyst that transforms knowledge or intelligence into living wisdom.

Embrace all of your experiences. Let go of anything you might be holding from those experiences so you can drink from the well spring of wisdom. This is where the real magic begins. As we lighten up, our vibrational signature begins to rise up. What we attract into our lives; the people, situations and opportunities will begin to change. Know your thoughts, keep them in line with the life you desire. If you desire greater health, think about health, talk about health, eat healthy and be around healthy people. Stop the train of thought and conversation that has you engaged in illness, disease, medications etc.  The combination of high vibrational thoughts and letting go of repressed emotions will pave the way to a whole new way of seeing life and living life.


Change in our vibration takes some time to be realized in our lives. Do not give up because everything you desire doesn’t happen in a few weeks or months. We must learn to persevere. And though I continue to learn and grow I have learned many things on my long road to recovering my true self. Here are a few of them: Persevere, do not give up, believe in yourself and your dreams, stand in your truth, believe in the power of love, trust in Source, Mother/Father God and Forgive.

The times we live in has us on the threshold of great change.

Change is upon us. Prepare yourself ~ Let go, Lighten up, Be bold !

Let the substance of every experience in life be the catalyst for a brighter lighter you.

love, Astara