Master Higher Levels of Consciousness

When you know something to be true practice it until you have mastered it. We can see that humanity has mastered very low levels of consciousness vibrating fear, guilt, greed, denial and so on. There is mass unhappiness in our world because of it. It is time for us to practice and master higher levels of consciousness. see What is Conscious Mastery?

Master higher levels of consciousnessBelow I have shared the principles of Conscious Mastery but as you can see they are some of the very basic principles of life. If we begin to dedicate our consciousness to the vibration of love, kindness and truth rather than dedicate our consciousness to fear, frustration and anger we will be practicing Conscious Mastery.

The process of practicing higher levels of consciousness requires us to be aware of our thought processes, aware of our actions and responsible for both. As we strive for higher thinking and evolved action we find ourselves dancing with our shadows. The old way rears its head demanding attention but for the old way to die a new way must be practiced. As we become aware of the old way and choose to change it, the practice of a new way begins with the conscious release of unhealthy thoughts and actions.

For our consciousness to rise up sustainably, we must support it with both healthy loving thoughts and positive, constructive actions. It is a combination of releasing the old and nurturing the new. To master levels of consciousness that are free of denial, guilt, fear and judgment allowing truth and love to flow through us, to us and from us we must practice what we to know to be true.

Principles of Conscious Mastery

Love and Kindness ~

Kindness is an act of love. Love is the essence of Source. We are beings of love created by a loving God. Where there is kindness there is harmony. Where there is harmony there is love. Where there is love there is peace. Be the love that you are. Allow the abundant supply of love to flow through you.

Faith and Trust ~

Faith will not die when questioned or looked into. Faith will not crumble if you explore expanded possibilities. Let faith live within you. A living pulsating sense of faith connected with Source ever expanding always current, mindful, aware and filled with love is the faith that will forever hold space open for our desires to manifest. It is such a faith that encourages direct experience, a true birth of deep inner knowing and wisdom. It is such a faith that moves mountains.

Truth ~

The truth does not need pressure to gain acceptance. It has substance and presence enough to be recognized by those that desire to know the truth and those that have experience enough to recognize it. Truth begins with the self. We must become purely honest with our motives, thoughts and actions. Speaking the truth is a simple matter. Twisted truth is complicated with all manner of polite avoidance, speaking politically correct, telling white lies and out right deception.

Truth can only give us what we are ready to receive. As such, the more we grow and evolve the more expanded the truth becomes.  Accept the expansion of greater truth into your heart and you will forever grow in love.

Forgiveness ~

Forgiveness is the key to freedom/liberation of the soul and the spirit. Planting the seed of forgiveness in the dark areas of our heart precedes the gestation and birth of a healthy open heart vibrating at the speed of light and love. Forgiveness is the starting point where heart essence can begin to heal. Expand with love, learn to forgive, practice forgiveness. Start with yourself.

Unconditional Acceptance ~

Accepting all of ourselves is key to our wholeness and our ability to truly love ourselves and others. Living life with complete and total unconditional acceptance of the self leaves no room for denial, judgment or guilt and thereby opens the door to the transformation/healing of our being.

Non-Judgment ~

Where there is love and understanding there is non-judgment. A wise person knows the difference between discernment and a limited consciousness brought on my judgment and denial. A mind free of judgment is capable of seeing the light of truth in any given situation. When our mind is free of judgment we can see a person or situation for who or what it is and not what a past experience dictates and limits it to be.

Recognition and Release ~

Recognition is key to transformation/healing. The acceptance of what is newly recognized brings with it the opportunity to release repressed/suppressed emotional energy. Becoming free brings an end to outdated and unhealthy patterns of behavior that no longer serve us or anyone else.

Creativity ~

All forms of creativity provide magical ways to learn and discover more about ourselves. Creative energy is unlimited. Allowing creative energy to flow through us unimpeded provides a wonderful way to expand our consciousness and tap into our true nature. Explore new creative expressions remaining free of unrealistic demands and expectations of perfection so you may be the recipient of a constant flow of love and untold wisdom.

Respect and Honor All Life ~

When we truly respect ourselves, we will naturally know what it is to respect and honor all life. For us to become who we have always been (a beautiful child of a loving Creator) we must learn to love, accept and respect ourselves. God dwells within us. It is up to us to make room within for the mighty love of God to express through us. Everyone has a right to be here and that includes the animal kingdom. Respect and honor all life. This includes our beautiful planet Earth.

Balance ~

Balance is fluid, never static, and is a gateway for trust and faith to grow and flourish within us. When our action oriented masculine aspects and our intuitive feeling feminine aspects compliment one another we are living a balanced life. Both our thoughts and feelings must be considered. Then our ability to sense the best choice on a deep level gives rise to compassionate decision making. Living a balanced life leads to a happy, healthy life.

 Live Life Whole Happy and Free!

Consciously practice all that you know in your heart to be the way of love.

If you do this everyday your life will transform.

love and light