mother nature

Artists around the world: We have something to offer. The intention that accompanies our offering can impact the world for good.

If you are not an artist, please support one. Give encouragement, attend gatherings, galleries, performances and so on.

There are many of us who are Way showers, Light workers, Peace makers.  WE are painters, poets, film makers, gardeners, bee keepers, authors, chefs, clothes designers, musicians, songwriters, supportive community and the list goes on… Let us impact the world with our love through art and /or the support of those who are artists.  Bring to the eyes, the mind, and the layers consciousness signs of hope, beauty, and peace to those who are lost. Let us move humanity to remember that a better way does exist and is possible. Let us use our talent to remind others that forgiveness and truly loving one another is key. Let us come together and help remind humanity that our planet is alive and must be cared for along with all the animals that live upon Her as we do. There is no more time to wait quietly in the shadows. Come out now. You are ready. You are necessary. You are needed now. Do not wait for the illusive “Perfection.” What is needed and being asked of you is to share your energy, your intention to positively impact the world, your effort, your time, your desire to make the world a better place and your LOVE !.

Join Me                 Together We can and Will make a difference

Feel free to contact me and let me know what you are doing to make the world a better place and if I can help in any way

Love Peace and Harmony