What is Conscious Mastery?


What is Conscious Mastery® ?

Conscious Mastery® was founded in 2003 by Astara Summers, Chief Visionary Officer. A prolific writer, teacher, musician, artist, wife and mother. Her personal journey began at the tend age of 18 and continues to this day.

Personal Freedom

Conscious Mastery® is a journey of personal freedom, self-mastery and spiritual growth. Too many people are still living by the dictates coming from the invisible forces of denial, judgment, fear and guilt.  It is time to become a conscious and active participant in the life you’ve always dreamed of. Take the next step into your freedom and discover the strength and courage that lies within you. We all have it, in fact everything we need is within us, but we must reach in and breathe life and love into our authentic self.

Change is possible

Change is possible and deep down you know this to be true. The moment you recognize and accept that positive change is needed you will feel the truth of it. It is time to take action. Until then you will feel the uncomfortable frustration of living a life you know is less then what you want and less then you deserve. In order to have the life you want, one filled with peace and possibilities, a life exuding personal power you have to do things different and think differently.

What Conscious Mastery® Means To You

The Conscious Mastery® Life Course will shed light on your path providing a map of sorts with tools, knowledge, action steps and new ways of looking at yourself, your life and the world around you. You have to be willing to love yourself enough to step into the changes that are necessary and then practice what you are learning. Conscious Mastery® Life Course will be a great aid in your personal journey of self discovery and the recovery of lost parts of yourself. It is time to become whole once again. Self-discovery and the reclamation of personal power offers gifts of courage, clarity, understanding and so much more.

Live Life Whole Happy and Free

Embrace the realization that change is not only possible; it is preferable. Learn to live life whole, happy and free. Yes, this is attainable! My personal story of recovery and discovery as well as, teachings, simple tools and action steps are within the pages of my first book “Conscious Mastery~Freedom From the Inside Out” published in 2010. I have developed two online courses for you. To learn more follow the links below.   much love, Astara

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