What is Conscious Mastery?

Conscious Mastery®

Conscious Mastery®

Conscious Mastery® is a journey of personal freedom, self-mastery and spiritual growth. Recognize and free yourself from the invisible forces of denial, judgment and guilt thus becoming an active participant in the life you’ve always dreamed of. Discover the strength and courage that lies within, making change not only possible, but preferable. Learn to live life whole, happy and free is attainable! Allow me to assist you as I share this path with you. My personal story of recovery as well as simple tools and action steps are within the pages of my first book “Conscious Mastery~Freedom from the Inside Out”.

Remember: Real change is not only possible …it is preferable!

Conscious Mastery® is mastering levels of consciousness.

To master levels of consciousness one must practice what they know to be true as well as embrace an ever-expanding truth. The more we learn the more truth expands. Perhaps the realization of how an angry out-burst is often misdirected and counter productive leads to a new thought. This new thought is an opportunity to practice a new behavior. Perhaps you have to come know it is wise and healthy to remain calm during periods of chaos; then by all means practice remaining calm during challenging times. Truth has given more of Its Self. Embrace it. Use breath techniques and other tools you will learn as we walk this path to the Light.

What it means to practice Conscious Mastery

The process of practicing higher levels of consciousness requires us to be aware of our thought processes, feelings, our actions and take responsible for all of it. As we strive for higher thinking and evolved action we find ourselves dancing with our shadows. The old way rears its head demanding attention but for the old way to die a new way must be practiced. With perseverance, the practice of a new way begins. (This is covered extensively in my book.)  With practice, our consciousness will illuminate higher thought forms.  A thought of “all is well or I will make it through this” as opposed to “now what? what will happen to me now?’ One thought form vibrates peace and trust while the other resonates with fear and worry. The next part of any path to the light is to practice positive action. Practice inner peace in the midst of chaos and change. As an example, if the old way was to avoid chaos or change through denial or blame the new way might be to journal and meditate upon the truth.

Let your vibration rise up!

For our consciousness to rise up sustainably, we must support it with healthy loving thoughts, feelings and actions. It is a combination of releasing the old and nurturing the new. To master levels of consciousness that are free of denial, guilt, fear and judgment allowing truth and love to flow through us, to us and from us; we must practice what we know to be true. As the truth expands giving more of Itself we must be willing to expand our beliefs and our very consciousness right along with it. This is a journey with no end. The rewards along the way are filled with love, happy surprises and promise. The time is now to recognize and bring to an end denial, guilt, judgment and fear. When we look around at our world it is clear to see humans have mastered low levels of consciousness and manifestation. The time is now to rise up and live. The time is now to master higher levels of consciousness, manifesting beauty, love, abundance, peace, respect and goodwill and so much more. The time is at hand to evolve. Together we must become our truest Self. We are beings of love and light. It is time reflect our origin.  We can do this. You can do this.

4-Pillars: United We are Whole

Spirit – The Spirit is the light that inspires, and guides. The Spirit is attuned to action and the masculine/yang polarity. The Spirit is the Father God Principle.

Will – The Will informs through feelings and selects what feels best. The Will is attuned to intuition, emotion and the feminine /yin polarity. The Will is the Mother Principle.

Heart – The heart is where our Divine Mother/Father God dwell. We must open our heart and make room for True Source to express through us. The Heart is where our Spirit and our Will find balance, expanding love and harmony. The Yin/ Yang, feminine/masculine aspects compliment one another manifesting right time, right place and right action. All is Divine.

Body –  The Spirit and Will are made manifest in the body, without which we would have no earth walk. The human body is the form given to us by our Divine parents and as such is a temple to be loved unconditionally and cared for.


Live life by conscious design rather than by default.


Yes you do create your life, there are no exceptions.

The difference is whether you do so consciously or unconsciously. 


We are creating our life in some way every day. If you do not like some aspect of your life, you can create something better. Awaken positive change through conscious awareness of your personal power, thought processes and patterns of behavior. Come to know yourself. Discover and experience the freedom you deserve.




Unconditional Acceptance ~

Accepting all of ourselves is key to our wholeness and our ability to truly love ourselves and others.


Forgiveness is the key to freedom and liberation of the soul and the spirit.

Faith and Trust~

Faith will not die when questioned or looked into. Faith will not crumble if you explore expanded possibilities. Trust your inner knowing. Allow faith to live within your very being.


The truth does not need pressure to gain acceptance. Truth begins with the self. Look within.

Love and Kindness ~

Kindness is an act of love. Love is the essence of Source. Where there is kindness there is harmony. Where there is harmony there is love. Where there is love there is peace. Be the love that you are. Allow the abundant supply of love to flow through you.

Non-Judgment ~

Where there is love and understanding there is non-judgment. A wise person knows the difference between discernment and judgment and denial. A mind free of judgment is capable of seeing the light of truth in any given situation.

Recognition and Release ~

Recognition is key to transformation/healing. Releasing what is in us will set us free.

Creativity ~

Allowing creative energy to flow through us unimpeded provides a wonderful way to expand our consciousness and discover more about our true nature.

Balance ~

Balance is fluid, never static, and is a gateway for trust and faith to grow and flourish within us.

Respect and Honor All Life ~

When we truly respect ourselves, we will naturally know what it is to respect all others and honor all life.



Change is upon us. Are you Ready for Change?