What is Conscious Mastery?

Conscious Mastery®


Conscious Mastery® was founded in 2003 by Astara Summers, Chief Visionary Officer. A prolific writer, teacher, musician, artist, wife and mother. Her personal journey began three decades prior and continues to this day.


Conscious Mastery® is a journey of personal freedom, self-mastery and spiritual growth. Too many people are still living by the dictates coming from the invisible forces of denial, judgment, fear and guilt.  It is time to become a conscious and active participant in the life you’ve always dreamed of. Take the next step into your freedom and discover the strength and courage that lies within you. We all have it, in fact everything we need is within us, but we must reach in and breathe life and love into our authentic self.


Change is possible and deep down you know this to be true. The moment you recognize and accept that positive change is needed you will feel the truth of it. It is time to take action. Until then you will feel the uncomfortable frustration of living a life you know is less then what you want and less then you deserve. In order to have the life you want, one filled with peace and possibilities, a life exuding personal power you have to do things different and think differently.


The Conscious Mastery® Life Course will shed light on your path providing a map of sorts with tools, knowledge, action steps and new ways of looking at yourself, your life and the world around you. You have to be willing to love yourself enough to step into the changes that are necessary and then practice what you are learning. Conscious Mastery® Life Course will be a great aid in your personal journey of self discovery and the recovery of lost parts of yourself. It is time to become whole once again. Self-discovery and the reclamation of personal power offers gifts of courage, clarity, understanding and so much more.


Embrace the realization that change is not only possible; it is preferable. Learn to live life whole, happy and free. Yes, this is attainable! My personal story of recovery and discovery as well as, teachings, simple tools and action steps are within the pages of my first book “Conscious Mastery~Freedom From the Inside Out”.


Some Fundamental Things to Consider


Recognition and Unconditional Acceptance For anything to change it must be recognized and accepted for what it is. We must also accept all of ourselves and our experiences. These are the first keys to begin the healing journey and finding our wholeness and ability to truly love ourselves and others.


Faith and Trust ~ Realize the faith you hold will not die when questioned or looked into nor will it crumble if you explore expanded possibilities. Trust your inner knowing and allow faith to live within your very being. This means you must allow new information to have a place within your heart so you may grow consciously rather than hold fast to something that you have outgrown.


Truth ~ does not pressure to gain acceptance because truth is patient. It also gives more of itself as we expand our consciousness accepting love and life rather than live in a state of denial. Look within.


Forgiveness ~ plays a major role in the freedom of our personal power.


Behaviors, Attitudes and Activities to Consider


Love and Kindness ~ Love is the essence of Source and kindness is an act of love.. Where there is kindness, harmony and love dance together with peace.  Allow the abundant supply of love to flow to you, through you and out into the world by being the love that you are..


Non-Judgment~ Where there is love and understanding there is non-judgment. A wise person knows the difference between discernment and judgment based on denial. A mind free of judgment is capable of seeing the light of truth in any given situation.


Creativity ~ Allowing creative energy to flow through us unimpeded provides a wonderful way to expand consciousness and discover more about our true nature. It is an overlooked necessity when it comes to living a balanced life filled with peace love and harmony.


Balance ~ Balance is fluid, never static. In a balanced state we will experience the gateway that allows trust and love to grow and flourish within us.


Respect and Honor All Life ~ When we truly respect ourselves, we naturally and fully respect all others and honor all life. You may not agree but remember no one knows the soul lessons or life path of another. We are here to “know thyself” not judge our fellow man and to remember how to live with an open heart.


Release ~ Conscious releases offer many rewards. Return of personal power, an ability to understand ourselves better, a path leading to compassion and love. Releasing energy that is trapped within us will set us free.



Conscious Mastery® is Mastering Levels of Consciousness 


Take a step back giving room and breath to what you currently know. Look upon the truth with fresh eyes. Life changes. We change. Truth is ever-expanding. The more we experience, grow and learn; expanding our consciousness the more we are able to bring home to the heart more of the truth. To master levels of consciousness, practice what you know to be true and continue to make appropriate changes as you discover and recover more of your personal power and more of the truth. Live life in balance and in harmony with your surroundings.


What it means to practice Conscious Mastery® The process of practicing higher levels of consciousness requires you to be aware of your thought processes and willing to look at, understand and allow your feelings and emotions to move. In this way, you are allowing your true feelings to inform you about what you are really experiencing. Increasing your ability to be mindful in all your activities and communications, adopt the discipline of writing in your journal to learn more about how you think and do things are part of the practice. In addition, cause harm to no one and that includes yourself, speak your truth with kindness.


Practicing Conscious Mastery® helps you discover what drives and motivates you. Is it fear or love? You can and will explore life’s situations without judgement.  Your practice will enable you to honestly assess your actions and take responsible for all of it. You will discover and recover your personal power when taking corrective action which sets into motion a whole new wave of high vibrational energy. The more we rise up, the greater our experiences of joy, love and prosperity become. We are all capable of being the light and a “bringer of light” to others and to the world.


Dancing with your shadows:   Unhealthy patterns rear up demanding attention. Conscious Mastery® encourages you to look at the patterns and make changes to your way of life. Growth brings about an inevitable death of the old ways. Life habits that are no longer helpful, provide no useful service, have lost all sense of meaning and purpose will die. Take note, that like any death, there is a sense of loss. Do not get confused by this grief; it will pass. There is a possibility that guilt, whether in your own mind or coming from someone else, will want you to remain the same. If you hold onto that sense of loss and pain as the old way of life falls apart, you will be led back into old familiar patterns of behavior. Guilt is meant to be overcome not obeyed. Rise up, break through live your life in a new way. Free from the shackles that once bound you.


Let Go 


The old way dies so the new will have room to anchor and then thrive. Persevere and you will gain strength while building momentum for the love of life.  Your consciousness will illuminate higher thought forms such as “all is well”, or “I will make it through this” as opposed to “Now what? What else will go wrong? “ The first example vibrates peace, trust and personal power while the other resonates with fear and the denial of your personal power.


The next part of any path to the light is to practice positive action, healthy self love through a kind and loving view of yourself. Practice inner peace in the midst of chaos and change. As an example, if the old way was to avoid chaos and change through denial or blame; the new way might be to journal and meditate upon the truth. Face the truth rather than run from it.


Summon courage to take new action steps.  If the old way was to talk poorly about yourself in the secret of your own mind the new way will be to inject a tender kindness toward yourself. So instead of saying “I hate my body” you begin to say things like “Body, I love and appreciate you. Thank you for allowing me to experience life through the many senses you provide.” Or “I love you and I am taking care of you” as examples.  (All this and much more is covered in my book and extensively in the Conscious Mastery® Life Course as well as in the Conscious Mastery® Facilitator certification course. Both are on-line courses.)


Let Your Vibration Rise Up!   


Consciously sustain healthy, loving, nonjudgmental thoughts. This takes practice and will one day become second nature to you. Exercise daily, even a simple walk will do. Choose to eat healthy food the majority of the time and drink plenty of water. Remind yourself that you have within you the power to command your feelings with love and to direct the energy in a way that is most helpful. If you are angry breath into it and let it move out through your breath, write in your journal to sort out your feelings and then exercise your courage to face the situation that triggered the anger with love. Nothing is out of your control if you lovingly allow your feelings to move with conscious awareness. As you move through the Conscious Mastery® courses you will discover that gone are the days of denying your true feelings and gone are the days of expressing inappropriately. You will gain the knowledge and the tools to help you bring yourself back to center quickly and express with a new measure of love fueling your communication and emotions.


Learn to pay attention to the way you breath aiming for nice deep even breaths without exaggerating. This simple conscious attention to your breathing gives you a fast heads up when things within you or around you are changing.  You will learn how your breathing shifts when you are afraid and can get ahead of a wave of fear by breathing consciously. Become attuned and aware of your thoughts so you may course correct, which is taking corrective action whenever necessary.  Engage in activities that will be most healing while you explore a combination of releasing the old and nurturing the new.


The practice of mastering levels of consciousness happens in stages. Sometimes growth is a quantum leap forward while other times progress seems slow and nearly invisible. Stay the course and do not give into disappointment.  Doubting and holding yourself to unrealistic goals only slow your progress and could produce a backward slide.


This is a journey with no end so be patience and enjoy the ride. There are plenty of rewards along the way both big and small so remain alter and grateful. The Conscious Mastery® Life Course and the Conscious Mastery® Facilitator certification course will greatly aid your ability to recognize the unwanted intruders such as denial, guilt, judgment and fear so you can break the patterns once and for all. Recognition coupled with acceptance will ignite change. We are beings of love and light.  The time is now to reflect our original nature, the love we have always been. Commit to choosing love in action in all your day-to-day experiences. Together we can create a brighter better world.


4-Pillars: United We are Whole



Spirit – is the light that inspires, and guides. Attuned to action and the masculine/yang polarity Spirit is the Father God Principle.


Will – informs through feelings and selects what feels best. Attuned to intuition, emotion and the feminine /yin polarity Will is the Mother Principle.


Heart – is where our Divine Mother/Father God dwell. We must open our heart and make room for True Source to express through us. The Heart is where our Spirit and our Will find balance, expanding love and harmony. The Yin/ Yang, feminine/masculine aspects compliment one another manifesting right time, right place and right action. All is Divine.


Body – The Spirit and Will are made manifest in the body, without which we would have no earth walk. The human body is the form given to us by our Divine parents and as such is a temple to be loved unconditionally and cared for.


We are creating our life in some way every day. If you do not like some aspect of your life, you can create something better. Awaken positive change through conscious awareness of your personal power, thought processes and patterns of behavior. Come to know yourself. Discover and experience the freedom you deserve.


We are creating our life in some way every day. If you do not like some aspect of your life, you can create something better. Awaken positive change through conscious awareness of your personal power, thought processes and patterns of behavior. Come to know yourself. Discover and experience the freedom you deserve.



Live by Conscious Design Rather than by Default.

Change is Upon Us ~ Are you Ready?