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The Conscious Mastery® Life Course brings light to your path and positive change to your life. Both the content and the approach of this distinctive training program stands apart from other personal development, spiritual growth, and self-empowerment programs. How? Every step of the way you are reminded of the power within You. You are the master of your ship, you are the mapmaker and explorer.

The Conscious Mastery® Life Course offers you an intimate and personal path to better understand your current circumstances. Learn how to consciously release the debilitating impact of guilt, shame, regret, envy, fear and so much more. Releasing these are empowering beyond measure. One step at a time, the ability to embrace your personal power will begin to feel real. Isn’t it time you start taking a leading and commanding role to master the design of your life?  Your life, your story.


Life Course: A Path of Self Mastery and Spiritual Growth

Hello and welcome. I have been on the path for 50 years. What I offer you is what I have learned over this period of time. For me, the journey was lonely and long. Still it came with surprise healers, books and interesting opportunities that carried me onward. Back then people rarely used the word energy. Energy healers were rare. Today they are everywhere. There is a path and a way for everyone to find their true power and freedom.

I offer you a path and a way that may very well resonate with you. Remember, regardless of the path you chose you are the main character of your story, you are the one healing yourself and you are the one setting your sail. Everyone else is offering wind under your wings because at the end of the day you are the one who chooses to fly. With that said read on and see if I can put some wind under your wings. Love Astara


What is Conscious Mastery®

Conscious Mastery® is a Soulful Approach to Wholeness. This course was inspired in part by the book ‘Conscious Mastery ~ Freedom From the Inside Out’, written by Astara Teal Summers and published by a division of Hay House in 2011. (available everywhere)

The Conscious Mastery® Life Course embodies a 26-module curriculum of well-formatted coursework, segmented into 4 major areas of focus. This unique self-paced online course with supporting tools was designed to empower participants with actionable ways to shed old beliefs, awaken change and “live life by conscious design”.


Are you ready for change?

The Life Course is for people who are ready to bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to be. If this is for you, the Life course will help you understand why you do what you do, why you attract what you attract. In addition, you will gain insight into why you are attracted to certain situations and people.

This is the beginning of some honest exploration. There are questions for you to answer throughout the course. Please note; there are no right or wrong answers, only your honest answers. Those answers will help you see how you think and feel about many things in your life. In essence, you are creating a personal map of the happenings within you. You will begin to witness your own inner landscape.  


Empower Your Life 

The Conscious Mastery® Life Course will help you understand how important it is recognize and accept your life right now, just as it is. The present moment offers a powerful way to create positive change in your life.  You are on healing journey. Go at your own pace. Feel the spark, get to know yourself in the most intimate way possible while feeling safe with your own honest revelations.

Get to know and understand your thoughts, feelings and what motivates you.  Turn the Divine Spark into a flame. The Conscious Mastery® Life Course offers you a clear perspective to discern the difference between heart essence and heartlessness.  Your thoughts and behaviors play a role in the creation of your present life and the freedom of your personal power.


Empower Your Self

Self-reflection, self-acceptance, self-awareness and a growing sense of self-love unfolds as you move through the Life course. This in turn stimulates energy that helps you move from where you are to where you want to be. Make the most of this course. Please do all the exercises that are on offer. Your choice Your Life. 

Let me highlight a few sections that are part of the Conscious Mastery® Life course.


The Chakras: A Deep Dive and Practical Application

There are several modules that cover the Chakras. One, a bird’s eye view of the system as a whole. Two, each chakra is addressed individually. These teachings show you how you can make use of the knowledge in practical ways. Learn the energies inherent in each chakra as they express in both a balanced and imbalanced state. This information helps you see why your energy is expressing as it does.  

You are given ample ways to regain balance where needed. In the download section I added several yoga postures relating to specific chakras and two overview documents for quick review. I also created mp4 audio files with the chakra key sound and a module that provides the key sound, seed sound and mantra for each chakra. Balance those chakras! 


Heavy weights

Denial, Guilt, Fear and Judgement are what I call the Heavyweights. These invisible forces are at the core of many unhealthy patterns. Take your time with these. Be honest with yourself when moving through the information and the exercises. You will feel things come up. Don’t ignore but rather write in your journal, breath, drink water, feel what needs to be felt and take care of you.

The Conscious Mastery® Life Course is here to help you recognize these invisible forces. They are the ones that play out in your life leading you to create by default.  Once you see with new eyes you can not unsee what is pulling the strings in your precious life. It is time to create consciously.



Examine your own fear responses when working with the module dedicated to fear. Find out if you are operating with an overactive fear response. The breath exercises in this teaching module will help you manage your fear responses.  

I suggest you practice these breath exercises during your daily self care time. Become familiar with them. When you notice a fear response wants to take hold, use one of these breathing exercises. This window of opportunity is all you need to make a sound healthy decision. Choose to breath consciously. When you stop the fear response before your body is flooded with stress hormones you are rewarded with a calm mind-body connection. Great foundation for a stress-free life.


Vagus Nerve

A module is dedicated to the functionality and tone of the Vagus Nerve. This nerve is the longest nerve of the body. It is also known as the Wanderer. The Vagus Nerve module provides information making it easy to understand the significance of toning the vagus nerve.  Several easy to do exercises are included. You can incorporate any of them into your daily life. I do the figure 8 exercise while standing in line at the grocery store. Several times a day I massage my ears. Easy Breezy!


Conscious Releases and Integration

A module is dedicated to different ways you can release trapped energy consciously before a trigger is set into motion. Triggers happen but it is the hard way to move energy and often ineffective when considering long term change. If you get triggered you will learn how to manage your space and energy safely. How do you integrate a new higher vibration making it sustainable? That is covered as well. The new higher vibration becomes part of your new conscious design. Another download provides instruction for a breathing technique to release anger consciously.


Get a Few Journals

As you move through the course you will be asked to write in your journal often. Get one that is dedicated to the modules in this course.  You will discover much about yourself. I recommend a review of your thoughts, questions and answers as well as all the exercises 3 months after completing the course. Compare how you think, feel and how you handle things in your day-to-day life now with how you were looking at life then.

Get another journal just for your daily gratitude and another for grievances. A journal is a good place to sort out your thoughts and feelings. It often acts as a problem solver.


Learn to Create a Flow

Create a daily routine that flows. You will discover that every so often the flow wants to change. Get creative, make some changes.  Keep it fresh. Some ideas: Choose a breath exercise from the fear module, create a simple yoga flow from the Chakra modules and add an easy to do Vagus Nerve exercise or two. Although this flow may take but 5 or 10 minutes of your time, these little things will add up and change up things in a big way.


Create by Conscious Design

You are on the precipice of creating your life by conscious design rather than by default. With intention, perseverance, and attention your life will become full of many wonderful ideas, people and things to do and to share.

Growth and conscious expansion are not competitive. It is not a race that needs to be won. I encourage you to go at your own pace; and I think it’s a good idea to go over the modules more than once. Slow and steady provides time to integrate and practice new ideas, new ways of approaching life and interacting with the people in it.


Step by Conscious Step Do What Needs to be Done: Reap the Rewards


Following the guidelines set out in the Conscious Mastery® Life Course, you are quite literally creating a map of your inner landscape. Your inner landscape is your inner world. It is the place where your secrets are held, where treasures, talents, and parts of your authentic self have denied and forgotten.

Your inner landscape makes up your vibration. Your vibration resonates through your body/ mind connection and out into the world. This valuable information will help you understand what and why you attract what you do. Your inner world is the place where your soul longs to fill with the light of your spirit.

Much of the inner landscape is dark. As you grow and evolve, your inner light shines brighter illuminating the darkness within. Don’t let this frighten you. Many wonderful things push up through the darkness birthing something new into the light of day. All of us embody both light and dark making us whole. What I propose with the creation of the Conscious Mastery® Life course is to know yourself and work with your energy consciously. 

Your inner landscape also includes your habitual inner dialogue. Do you know your thoughts? The Conscious Mastery® Life Course is opening space for you to hear and see like never before. Lovingly pay attention.


Your Life! Your Story!

Isn’t it time you begin taking a leading and commanding role to master the design of your life?  The Conscious Mastery® Life course will show you how you can live your fullest potential step by conscious step, until it becomes second nature to you.

Imagine living life with your first natural impulse in any given day is to choose gratitude; and every experience no matter the nature will be handled with courage, grace and kindness. This is possible.

By way of the content and exercises contained in the course, you will discover how to fill yourself up with love. You will also learn how to let go of all that is not love. Soon, you will feel both grounded and lighter. This combination makes you better able to handle what life brings you.


A Life of Joy

When I was finally ready to live a life of joy, I wasn’t sure how to do it, but I never gave up. I am sharing what I have learned so you can move with greater ease. As you begin to take steps that are more conscious than ever before remember small steps in the direction of love takes you where you want to go. That holds true even if you don’t know where that is right now.

I ask you to give yourself the chance to experience joy which is our natural state. It seems difficult to believe only because our paths have been cluttered with debris from denial, holding our past pain, grudges, and feelings of disappointment.

There is a better way to live life.  A way that includes the ability to master your consciousness.  You can choose your thoughts, feel what needs to be felt with truth and without getting stuck. You can let go of trapped energy that weighs you down. Let me show you how you can heal yourself through the Conscious Mastery® Life Course.  Much love Astara


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Change is upon us. Are you ready?

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