Meet Your Instructor Astara Summers

This course was inspired by the book ‘Conscious Mastery~Freedom From the Inside Out’, written by Astara Teal Summers and published by a division of Hay House in 2011. (available everywhere)

Live Life Whole, Happy and Free!

Create your life by conscious design rather than by default.


Astara is a modern-day troubadour whose time has come to spread the message of love, hope, and peace to the world through her music, teachings, art, and writing. She has facilitated Conscious Mastery® group classes since 2003 where participants explored meditation, journal writing, art, music, body movement and vocal sounds, to assist the release of negative energies. Within a safe space participants asked questions, shared concerns, victories, found strength within the circle that helped them better understand themselves and their lives. Her private practice included both adults and teens.

Along with creating and facilitating unique, transformational workshops and personalized events for private groups Astara has been a guest speaker for workshops relating to personal growth and self-empowerment. In 2010-11 she published her first book “Conscious Mastery®~Freedom from the Inside Out”, available everywhere.

After a lifetime of personal growth and continued work in this area she has dedicated the past two plus years creating the Conscious Mastery® Facilitator (CMF) Certification course launched in December 2023.

This course will benefit all ages and all levels of understanding. If you are currently a healer in your preferred modality, this course will deepen your understanding and give you additional tools to work with your clients and build your business if that is what you desire. If you have been on the path for a while and would like to understand yourself and your surroundings better and possibly create a business helping others learn how to help themselves, this course is for you. If you are just beginning to wonder about the meaning of life and your part in it, this course is for you too.

Conscious Mastery® is a journey of personal freedom, self-mastery and spiritual growth. Through recognition and acceptance, you can free yourself from the invisible forces of denial, judgment, fear and guilt becoming an active and conscious participant in the life you’ve always dreamed of. Discover and recover the strength and courage that lies within you and make change not only possible, but preferable. Learn to live life whole, happy and free!

Born in Eau Claire Wisconsin, Astara has traveled throughout the US and enjoyed living on both coasts, in the red rocks of Sedona Arizona, on the secret beaches of Kauai Hawaii, and the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. She has spent time in Thailand, Germany, Canada and Mexico and currently resides in Sarasota Florida with her husband and son.

Change is upon us. Are you ready? We are here to help you make a difference!


The process of practicing higher levels of consciousness requires us to be aware of our thought processes, aware of our actions and responsible for both.” – Astara Summers