Self-Mastery with Fundamental Considerations


Self-Mastery involves a level of discipline. No matter which way you look at it, if Self-Mastery is your goal you will need to make changes. This involves a process of letting go of people, situations, and habits that are unhealthy.  Examine areas of stagnation so you can re-ignite the flame of activity or passion. If you consider stagnant water you will know it is a breakdown that leans toward the death of clean water. I propose, in a fundamental way, we are either growing or dying and this includes all your bodies; the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical. Are there areas of your life that are stagnant?

Self-mastery includes implementing change within you such as shifting your thought patterns to a higher vibration. Self-Mastery includes emotional intelligence and emotional maturity; both of which require understanding and disciple. Mastering your inner dialogue means you are alert and aware of what you are thinking. In addition, when you discover your thoughts are unhealthy in any way, you make a conscious decision to change it. A shift in activities is also a fundamental stepping stone.


Self-Mastery In the Beginning

In the beginning I thought changing my thought patterns would be easy enough to do. Once I recognized how self-hatred played a major role in my life, I was determined to change it. Because I was waking up and beginning to like myself a little, this clarity gave me passionate fuel for change. I counted on that energy to take me right to the finish line and end this monstrous habit of paying attention to the hateful inner critic.

It didn’t take long to discovered it was not an easy thing to do and that I had to maintain a level of vigilance and discipline. To shift the tide from self-loathing to self-love was more like turning a huge steam liner rather than a rowboat.

I tell you this, so you do not despair when things take time. I am living proof that the journey to Self-Mastery is well worth the time and energy.


Fundamental Things to Consider to Begin Self-Mastery 


Recognition and Unconditional Acceptance 

For anything to change it must be recognized and accepted for what it is. We must also accept all of ourselves and our experiences. These are the first keys to begin the healing journey so we may rediscover our wholeness and ability to truly love ourselves and others. Denial must end.


Faith and Trust  

Realize the faith you hold will not die when questioned or investigated nor will it crumble if you explore expanded possibilities. Trust your inner knowing and allow faith to live within your very being. Allow new information to have a place within your heart so you may grow consciously rather than hold fast to something that you have outgrown.



Truth does not pressure to gain acceptance because truth is patient. It also gives more of itself as consciousness expands by accepting love and life rather than living in a state of denial. The false sense of safety provided by denial wreaks havoc on the body mind connections and dulls the spirit.  Look within.



Forgiveness plays a major role in the freedom of our personal power. This component is a must on the path to Self-Mastery and the reclamation of personal power. An entire module in the Conscious Mastery® Life course is dedicated to forgiveness. 


Change Your Mind: Fundamental Step Toward Self-Mastery 

Shifting the mental recycling of depressing and harmful thoughts requires discipline. The spin of unbidden patterns is playing a major role in the manifestation of life. When the cultivation of poor thought patterns have been unattended for some time momentum increases, strengthening the undesirable state.

One change leads to another. Choose the direction you want to go. For anything to change it must be recognized and accepted for what it is. We must also accept all of ourselves and our experiences. These are the first keys to begin the healing journey and finding our wholeness and ability to truly love ourselves and others. While acknowledging what is your current state of mind so denial cannot take hold, loving redirect your thoughts. Give wings to the thoughts you want to release and redirect calling in more light. 

In conjunction with a shift in your mental and emotional landscape you will become aware of necessary behavioral shifts calling for your attention. Do not ignore the prompts if you want to experience Self-Mastery. Shift activities accordingly to give strength to the newly emerging Self. 


Self-Mastery Behaviors, Attitudes and Activities to Consider



Love and Kindness  

Love is the essence of Source and kindness is an act of love. Where kindness, harmony and love dance together there is inner peace.  Allow the abundant supply of love to flow to you, through you and out into the world. You must be the love that you are for this to be a constant stream of energy.


Gratitude and Appreciation

Gratitude and appreciation are an intrinsic part of Self-Mastery. A quality of being thankful is gratitude. Recognition and enjoyment of good qualities of someone or something is appreciation. Make both a benchmark of your attitude and thought processes.



Where there is love and understanding there is non-judgment. A wise person knows the difference between discernment and judgment based on denial. A mind free of judgment is capable of seeing the light of truth in any given situation.



Allowing creative energy to flow through us unimpeded provides a wonderful way to expand consciousness and discover more about our true nature. It is an overlooked necessity when it comes to living a balanced life filled with peace, love and harmony.



Balance is fluid, never static. In a balanced state we will experience the gateway that allows trust and love to grow and flourish within us. Flow, be fluid, experience balance. A balanced chakra system never swings very far from center. 


Respect and Honor All Life

When we deeply respect ourselves, we naturally and fully respect all others and honor all life. You may not agree with the lifestyle or choices of another but remember no one knows the soul lessons or life path of another. We are here to “know thyself” not judge our fellow man and to remember how to live with an open heart.


Conscious Releases

Conscious releases offer many rewards. Return of personal power, an ability to understand ourselves better, a path leading to compassion and love. Releasing energy that is trapped within us will set us free. Triggered responses to denied energy is the difficult path. There is a better way. Consciously releases.


Do you want to discover how to release trapped energy consciously?  Do you desire to play the leading role in your life? What would living a balanced life look and feel like? Would you like to Awaken your consciousness to new heights and shine?

Look to the Conscious Mastery® Life course for more information whereby you can make wise decisions that will bring you the freedom your soul longs to express. For professional CMF certification go here 

Much love Astara