Conscious Mastery® Facilitator Certification






Definition of Facilitate: Make (an action or process) easy or easier.


A Conscious Mastery® Facilitator (CMF) helps participants gently shed the old skin, beliefs that harm, fear, worry, anxiety and other lower vibrations. A facilitator offers concepts, ideas, tools, and actionable ways to bring the vibration higher, creating a new way of living coupled with the ability to look at the world and themselves in a fresh empowered way. Change is inevitable. It is our only constant. When people feel change coming or decide it is time for change, many will seek out a teacher or facilitator to help light their way. Many will find you. Your work is to make the process easier while supplying them with supportive tools giving them direction on how to do their own work.


It is important to remember you do not create their change, they do. It keeps things in perspective. There are people who lean too heavy upon a facilitator wanting them to share their personal burden. A healthy boundary will help not only you but them. It is when the work is done internally, which can only be done by them, that change integrates and becomes a new reality. They become empowered. A healthy boundary keeps you objective and because of that you are able to give intuitive and helpful direction. You maintain your own personal power making you a strong and wise facilitator able to help many rather than a few.



Change is upon us. Are you ready?