Conscious Mastery® Facilitator Certification


Conscious Mastery® Facilitator (CMF) Certification


The Conscious Mastery® Facilitator (CMF) certification is a comprehensive professional development program designed for those currently assisting clients and groups in their personal and spiritual growth. In addition, this course will help professionals grow their business and help those who desire to get into the space as a professional guide to develop your own client base through the use of group gatherings.


Definition of Facilitate: Make (an action or process) easy or easier. This course was inspired in part by the book ‘Conscious Mastery~Freedom From the Inside Out’, written by Astara Teal Summers and published by a division of Hay House in 2011. (available everywhere) MEET YOUR INSTRUCTOR:


The Conscious Mastery® Facilitator (CMF) certification embodies a 32-module curriculum of well-formatted coursework, segmented into 5 major areas of focus, and includes an essay submission. This self-paced online course with supporting tools and 17 free PDF downloads plus mp4 audio file is designed to empower facilitators with actionable ways to better help educate, guide, prepare, coach and enlighten clients, groups and themselves. The Conscious Mastery® Facilitator certification offers the only designation of its kind to individuals serving the personal development, spiritual growth, self-discovery, self-empowerment, and life coaching industries.


Conscious Mastery® Facilitator (CMF) course will open a window to your mind for you to recognize the invisible forces of guilt, denial, judgment and fear; and how they play out in life. This will be a great asset when working with your clients. You will gain a deeper understanding of the importance of recognition and acceptance of all shadow (denied/repressed) energy and how to release and heal them. In turn you will share this with your clients to help them reclaim their personal power.


The course includes a unique deeper dive into the Chakra System as a tool for healing and understanding. Pairing the chakras functional and dysfunctional archetypes and the balanced excessive and deficient characteristics of each to their respective shadow energy gives you amazing tools to help your clients and group participants work with their shadow energy. Learning how to release denial, guilt fear and more gives them the ability to get in touch with their authentic self. Useful chakra knowledge will be leveraged and called upon in relation to, and applicable to, many of the other modules in this course. This and much more is what the course brings to you, to consciously create a life filled with joy, health, and prosperity and share this knowledge with your clients.


Enlighten Your Own Personal Journey

And Empower Others Along the Way!


A Conscious Mastery® Facilitator helps participants shed old beliefs, awaken change and “live life by conscious design”. This means the old worn way of living through habits and patterns will no longer apply. As a facilitator you will offer concepts, ideas, knowledge and tools to assist your clients and group attendees raise their personal vibration. You will be able to teach them how to integrate and maintain the higher frequency which will have a positive effect on their precious life.


Your clients will be able to use all that you provide to create a new way of thinking about, living and experiencing everyday life. This will give them the ability to look at the world and themselves in a fresh and empowered way. As a Conscious Mastery® Facilitator (CMF), you will be able to help guide clients and group participants to align with the truth of who they really are. You will help them see through beliefs that have caused them and others pain. You will assist them in facing the fears that have caused them worry, anxiety, and the suffering of lower vibrations. In addition, you will help them recognize their fears and help them to understand and release these debilitating patterns.


Change is inevitable, and the only constant in life. When people feel change coming; decide it is time for change, or change showed up unexpectedly, many will seek out a teacher, coach or facilitator to help light their way. Many will find you. As a Conscious Mastery® Facilitator you will supply them with supportive tools, give them intuitive direction and guidance which ultimately assists them on their healing journey.  Your clients and participants will feel empowered as they begin to feel they too can Live Life Whole, Happy and Free!™


This online course is an excellent opportunity to enhance your professional development and demonstrate your commitment to providing exceptional content to clients and group participants. Our goal is to equip you with the knowledge and resources to play a pivotal role in helping your clients, yourself, and your community. Throughout this 11 hour, 32-module course we will delve into a holistic curriculum, offering a fresh perspective on many important elements of self-discovery, recovery of lost parts of themselves and self-empowerment. We will explore and discuss topics in depth for you to consider on a professional level as well as on your personal journey. We all have the capacity to learn new things or go deeper into what we already know.


Upon successfully completing the entire course, and submitting your essay assignment, you will receive an attractive certificate along with a digital copy of the Conscious Mastery® Facilitator (CMF) designation emblem to use in your marketing, social media and public relations efforts. You will them be able to schedule your first 30 minute zoom call with the instructor to ask any questions that you may have as you embark or continue on your professional journey.



The overarching goal is to learn to create a life by conscious design, rather than by default. One filled with Joy, Health, and Prosperity.



COURSE FEE:  $499.00

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– Access to the Course Modules for 1 Full Year – 1 Zoom Coaching Session after Course Completion ($200 value) – 1 Year Conscious Mastery® (CMF) Membership ($199 value) >>>CMF Member Benefits Include: – Quarterly Conscious Mastery® Facilitator CMF Newsletter – Quarterly Zoom Group Teachings & Discussions (Interactive) – Added to the Conscious Mastery® Facilitator Database. – Part of a Growing and Knowledgeable CMF Community. – Add Credibility aligning with the Conscious Mastery® vision. – All New CMF Updates, New Modules, Tools and Resources.

When you click on the GET STARTED NOW! button at the bottom of this page it will take you to the Conscious Mastery® Learning Portal. Click the Certified Facilitator emblem on the front and you will be able to see the full curriculum.



There are no formal educational prerequisites for this course. The Conscious Mastery® Facilitator designation is offered to all individuals committed to personal growth, self-empowerment, and a desire for a deeper understanding of their energy, who they are and their part in the World.


To maintain your certification, and to encourage ongoing continuing education, graduates are required to take a short refresher course every year. The cost of the refresher course, and to maintain your certification and usage of the Conscious Mastery® Facilitator(CMF) emblem is $97.00   Email info@consciousmastery.com with questions and to learn of any special discount pricing!


Change is upon us. Are you ready?


Conscious Mastery® Certification