About Astara

Astara Teal Summers

Founder and Chief Visionary Officer

Astara is a troubadour whose time has come to spread the message of love, hope, and peace to the world through her music, art, and writing. After surviving a tragic motorcycle accident, the love and healing that flowed through her came in the form of songs. The music in time gave birth to the teachings, writings and the principles of Conscious Mastery®. Her connection with nature has always been strong, finding both peace and inspiration communing with Mother Earth. Six thousand year old Vedic writings and songs explain the name Astara as “the place where the rays of light shine from behind to light the pathway ahead.”

For several years I facilitated Conscious Mastery® group classes and workshops. Participants explored meditation, journal writing, art, music, sound and body movement, and breathing techniques as pathways to understand themselves and release negative energy. My private practice included both adults and teens. As a recording artist I created two genres. Conscious Rock™ and Intentional Groove™ (meditation). In 2009 I was inspired to write my first book as a way to share what I have learned with others. It is my hope that what I offer brings understanding and a renewed or deeper connection between the reader and their own inner healer and God, the Source of All That is. I am currently writing my second book, “Live Fearless” and getting ready to launch the much awaited Conscious Mastery® Certified Facilitator (CMF) program.

Live Life Whole, Happy and Free!

Create your life by conscious design rather than by default.