About Astara

Astara Teal Summers

Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of Conscious Mastery®

Author of Conscious Mastery ~ Freedom From the Inside Out.

Creator of two online courses.


The Many Creative Sides of Astara

Astara is a troubadour whose time has come to spread the message of love, hope, and peace to the world. She offers her teachings, music, art, and writings as a way of sharing the message. After surviving a tragic motorcycle accident, the love and healing that flowed through her came in the form of insights and songs. The music in time gave birth to the teachings, writings and the principles of Conscious Mastery®.

Her connection with nature has always been strong, finding both peace and inspiration communing with Mother Earth. According to six-thousand-year-old Vedic writings the name Astara is explained as “the place where the rays of light shine from behind to light the pathway ahead.

”I love being in nature. I found healing and found mySelf in the womb and arms of Mother Earth”  said Astara.


The Facilitator 

For several years Astara facilitated Conscious Mastery® group classes and workshops. Participants explored meditation, journal writing, art, and music. Additionally, sound and body movement, breath techniques and safe communication have been incorporated creating successful pathways for participants to better understand themselves and release negative energy. Her private practice included both adults and teens.

A testimonial , “I am very grateful to those who shared their previous experiences with you and giving me the extra encouragement to be there today. I am looking forward to hearing of more of your sessions and cannot thank you enough for Saturday. With heartfelt gratitude.” – Nolia

The Author  

In 2009 Astara was inspired to write her first book as a way to share what she has learned with others. It was published in 2011. The book is title “Conscious Mastery® Freedom From the Inside Out” The book is available everywhere. To learn more  go here

“It is my deep desire that the work I have created, in its many forms, will bring joy, understanding, hope and a renewed sense of Self Love.” Astara

Astara has worked to assist others so they may find and deepen their connection to their own inner healer, inner teacher, inner wise guide. Reconnecting with the Source of “All That Is” by whatever name they choose, sheds light on their own inner strength and courage. Consequently, a deep sense of healthy self love is born.

Her inspirational blog is loved by readers throughout the world.


The Teacher

Astara launched the Conscious Mastery® Facilitator (CMF) certification program December 2023. The second online course, the Conscious Mastery® Life Course launched in March of 2024.


Conscious Mastery® Facilitator Certification for Professionals

The Conscious Mastery® Facilitator (CMF) certification is a comprehensive professional development program designed for those currently assisting clients and groups in their personal and spiritual growth. In addition, this course will help professionals grow their business.

The CMF course is also perfect for those who desire to get into the space as a professional guide because they can develop their own client base through the use of group gatherings. “The world needs people with skills and an interest in helping others. Many people will begin to come forward shining their light to help others. Could that be you? ” Astara 

To Learn more about CMF go here 


The Conscious Mastery® Life Course

The Life Course is for people who are ready to bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to be.

This life-changing self-empowerment course will help you understand why you do what you do and why you attract what you attract. In addition, you will gain insight into why you are attracted to certain situations and people. This is the beginning of some honest exploration. To learn more about the Life course go here


The Musician Singer Songwriter

A self-taught musician, songwriter and composer, Astara’s lyrical content and musical blends are uplifting, inspirational and empowering. As a recording artist she created two genres. Conscious Rock™ and Intentional Groove™ (meditation). She is recording an extensive portfolio of over 100 original songs and poems in her home studio. Astara brings a kind and loving energy to all her projects. Learn more here    CDbaby here apples I-tunes here

Scott Little Crow, Author of Voices of the Earth         

“She’s created two healing genres Conscious Rock™ and Intentional Grooves™, to deliver her personal vision of peace and awakening to the world. Dance, Relax or Journey with Astara!”


The Artist

Astara is a big advocate of using creative energy. “There are so many ways this can be done. Cooking, painting, pottery, writing, building, and the list just goes on and on. Consequently, there is no shortage in the ways an individual can express creatively. Furthermore, creative expression is a major key to wellness on every level. Give it a try.” Astara

Go here to see some more of Astara’s creative expressions. 


Astara says, “You do not have to make every delightful creative urge into a business. If it becomes one, awesome. My point is to create, get into the process and have fun. Your goal is not striving for perfection but rather a joyous carefree process of self discovery”. 

Live Life Whole, Happy and Free!


Create your life by conscious design! How do you do that? Dig into Conscious Mastery® blog posts, my book or one of the two online courses. Love Astara