Conscious Mastery® parable  “A prayer and the stubbed toe” came to me quite unexpectedly. I woke up at 1 AM because a few words demanded my attention. I got up to write them down so I could go back to sleep. Those few words were followed by a stream of consciousness. That stream of consciousness became this parable. The power of the present moment is often missed as we hurry about. Be present no matter what time of day or night  and you will not be disappointed. Your spirit will inspire you, surprise you, and provide for you in magical ways at any time, so be ready. 


 the uncles many adventures

the uncle, a traveler and wise sage

Once upon a time  

There once was an uncle and his nephew. The uncle traveled a great deal and on this day came by his nephew’s home for a visit. He found his nephew in great distress. The energy around the young man was quite disturbing. He was on his knees rocking back on his heels and forward over and again. The uncle waited at the edge of the garden watching his anxious nephew muttering feverishly. At long last the uncle could watch this no longer and so announced his presence.

The nephew always loved impromptu visits from his uncle. They were filled with stories of his travels, the people and situations he can across on his long journeys and he always brought him beautiful souvenir gifts. However,


take time to be in nature walk about barefoot or garden

tending to plants soothes the soul

Today was Different.

“Hello nephew”, said the uncle cheerily, “I have come for a visit.” The nephew replied harshly, “Can’t you see I am praying?”

Being a wise and gracious man the uncle said, “I am sorry to have disturbed you.”As his nephew got up off his knees and walked toward his uncle, he stubbed his toe badly. The nephew began to howl, curse and jump about but the uncle smiles and says, “Oh I see your prayer has been answered.”

The nephew was shocked by this and says,”How can you say such a thing? I was not praying for a stubbed toe!  Whatever do you mean?”

The uncle calmly explains, “With a mind full of worry you pray, then you stub your toe and ouch just like that all those worried thoughts went away.”

The uncle looks at his disgruntled nephew and says, “ Did it not occur to you that your prayer has been answered? ”

The nephew spats out, “Of course not!” He hobbled off for supplies to bandage his toe moaning, “Oh, my toe hurts. My toe, my toe!” Suddenly the nephew shouts, “Hey uncle, I just got a great idea.”

The uncle smiles and says, “So, you go about bandaging your toe and little did you realize you were no longer obsessing about your troubles. You were thrust into the present moment. No longer lingering in the past or fretting about the future, suddenly out of the blue comes a brilliant idea.

The power of the present moment has provided you with inspiration and has once again proven itself valuable. Can you now see the stubbed toe as an answer to your prayer?”


slow down

Painful wake up 

The nephew looks slightly confused. He replies, “No uncle, how is my stubbed toe an answer to my prayer?”

The uncle patiently continues, “Dear nephew, a mind clouded with many worries creates a field of resistance making it challenging at best for inspired thoughts to reach you. Inspiration is, in some sense, literally repelled by the swirl of energy you have created. When I first walked up to your garden I saw it quite clearly.”

The nephew says “Tell me uncle, how have I created a field of energy repelling my most sought-after inspiration? How have I created a field of resistance keeping me from the goodness I seek?”

The uncle replies, “When you allow your mind to run wild with worry and your prayers turn to begging and pleading you have successfully created a heavy vibration that acts as a barrier to higher thoughts. When you stubbed your toe, your thoughts came immediately to the present moment.”


when prayer becomes begging cease

stillness and activity are both important ways to become present

Present Moment

The uncle went on to say, “When dealing with a challenge there comes a time when you must lay it down. When prayer takes on the form of begging, cease. Practice having a measure of trust and faith that no matter what things look like, everything will work out. Don’t be fooled nor distracted by appearances. Recognize that the current situation that troubles you so, has something to offer that will elevate you in life. You must make room for a new perspective to dawn.”

The nephew loves his uncle and has long admired his wisdom and so asks, “How can I do that, uncle?  My mind is so busy spinning around and round. I have so many responsibilities. You often suggested meditating, but I get so agitated when I try to meditate.”


Meditation takes many forms 

To which the uncle replies, “In the way your stubbed toe grabbed your attention so thoroughly, take your attention away from your unpleasant thoughts with some activity. Do not wait until you get hurt. You could do something nice for someone else. Take your mind in the direction of service to another. Do something nice for yourself, cook a meal, take a walk, listen to some music and dance. You could clean your house, spend time with your pet or work in your garden. Choose an activity and delve into it fully. Give your whole attention to it. This brings you into the present moment.

All good actions relieve the resistive tension brought about by clinging to the constant worry. It is a simple thing to practice. Once mastered, you will live with greater ease and joy. Your actions speak of trust. You will have a growing faith in the goodness of life and quiet meditation will be a pleasant experience for you.


Be Present

The dizzying negative thought forms can not hold your mind hostage unless you allow it to be so. When you pray as you did when I arrived, it is like begging and holds little love and trust. A simple prayer request is all fine and good but then let it go. Your habitual nature has been stuck in the spin cycle of worry and fear. This simple suggestion, when practiced often enough will bring that to an end. You will have set yourself free.” 

The nephew could feel his mood brightening. His next thought was to invite his uncle in for some tea. Yes, his toe still hurt but he smiled and knew his uncle just gave him a valuable gift. Feeling charitable, his mind flowed to a tasty treat he could serve along with his best tea.  He saw this gift his uncle had given him as a way to free himself from the negative habit he developed that allowed anxiety and worry to take over his thoughts. He said to himself, “I will practice this new found awareness so I don’t get lost in my worry.” 




As he walked toward the door leading to the kitchen, he knew it was something he could and would do. The day had taken a beautiful, unexpected turn. He faced his uncle and said “Yes, I now see that stubbing my toe was an answer to my prayer. It did bring me to the present moment.  Not only that, I think I have a solution to my dilemma, at least a start anyway. 

I was consumed and distraction focusing only on my troubles until I stubbed my toe. My toe is still throbbing however, I don’t think I will need to hurt myself in order to realign my attention to the present moment. I know when I am too far in the past or the future because I always feel so anxious, although I didn’t know what an impact it had on my life. Thank you for your valuable insight uncle.”


Always Something New To Learn

The uncle smiled at his nephew and replied, “You are welcome. The best part is that you didn’t miss the chance to learn something new. I suspect you may be more open minded and recognize when prayer has become begging and simple stop. When your prayer provides an answer, remember they seldom look the way we want or expect. Life is a wonderful mystery my nephew, and life is inherently good. Trust that all is well, especially during times of trouble. In this way, you will be open to a new path and can make your way with confidence. Now let’s have some tea shall we and tell me what you have been up too.”

Blog post Using Creativity to Create Clarity may provide some insight as you delve consciously into the experience of being in the present moment before you stubb your toe. (wink)

A few take aways

The first take away, when prayer has turned to begging or pleading, cease. The second, when you feel anxious find out if your are looking too far ahead or lost in the past. Three, if your thoughts are strongly spinning you about, course correct by delving into an activity with your full attention to root you into the present moment. There are more but lastly, I will close with this; answered prayers come in many forms. Remain open and curious enough so you recognize a silver lining when it shines.  

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with gratitude and love. Astara (author) 

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