Deeper Side of Thoughts and the Power of Words

The deeper side of thoughts and the power of words says “the energy you put out will return to you.” In other words, you are the source to which the energy will return. This includes thoughts, spoken and written words. You and I are living breathing walking vibrational signatures. Our actions are an extension of the thoughts we hold, the words we speak and most of all, the underlying intention or vibrational signature that accompanies everything do and all that we are.

The written word holds the power of invisible intention ranging from intense passion to passionless. Spoken words are powerful and here again the words are filled with an intention. They are as powerful as the emotions or feelings that fuel them. Words powered with high octane emotions, passionate feelings emit greater power and return to the source, the one speaking, with greater power. 

This is true of thoughts and the written word. The difference here is they lack the frequency of sound. None the less, the vibration of the intention and intensity will return to its source. Lets look at the deeper side of thoughts and power of words.


we are vibrations

Vibrational signature

When the nature and vibrational signature of thoughts and words are a passionate match for love and goodness, what returns to the source, from whence it came, is similar. Good vibes can return unexpectedly. If you are putting love and good vibes out into the world with your thoughts and words be receptive. Vibrational matches will return to you.  

However, if words are delivered flat and lifeless then you can imagine not much is being stirred in the cosmos on your behalf one way or the other.  Half hearted efforts produce random results. 

Speaking and thinking negatively with passion can pack a powerful punch. The energy will return to the source. However, the sender may not put two and two together if the energy return does not reveal itself spontaneously. In such a case, the speaker, thinker or writer can be confused by how or why this negative energy is entering their life. Consider this as part of the deeper side of thoughts and the power of words. 


breaking old patterns

Attention, Energy and Potential

When I was breaking the old patterns of destructive thinking, I discovered that every attempt I made to change my life for the better had a subtle effect. The vibrational nature of my habitual negative thoughts were getting weaker. With no outward experiences that highlighted success, I was not deterred from the work. Ending the cycle of negative self talk was paramount. Applying persistent, constant effort and attention is what I had to do to become free.

After years of staying true to the course, I created a bumper sticker that said “Evoluton Ain’t for Sissies.” Sustainable change requires both rising up and grounding. From my perspective the deep work takes courage and inner strength. Everyone of us have it. Some of us tap into it. I put the bumper sticker on my car as a constant reminder to Always take the high road. The deeper side of thoughts and the power of words became a path to free myself as completely as is humanly possible using love as my guiding light. My purpose was to rediscover my authentic Self.  What is your purpose and path?


The Mental and Emotional Tug of War Was Real

In the beginning, I saw tiny nearly undetectable shifts in my thoughts. The old thoughts slowly began to lose some power. Equally, the new thoughts were struggling to survive. Let me tell you,”The tug of war” in my mind was real. Old patterns fighting for supremacy while the new growth silently hid in the dark, protected until they were strong enough to sprout forth. The deeper side of thoughts and power of words entangled with my emotional body was a journey that opened my eyes to so much.  

At the time, I visualized a scratched record with the needle stuck playing the same negative loops over and over.  Every now and then the needle would jump out of the old groove giving me the experience of new thoughts.  I soon discovered that sharing these fragile new ideas too soon was unwise. People were all too willing to stamp out the new. Because really, who did I think I was breaking out of prison?


Determination, Well Intentioned and Potential

Intent on healing kept me in a high state of conscious awareness choosing over and again the healthy thought forms. At times it was exhausting but I was not giving up. I saw how the consistent working of my will to override these negative thought patterns was growing in the darkness. Little by little something better, something kinder was taking hold.

My plan was to use simple phrases and choose words that would reflect something I could believe was possible. The desires I entertained were beyond my current ability but not beyond my ability to believe that it could happen.  

This step by step out of the dark into the light approach provided experiences that weakened the connection in my brain that replayed terrible thoughts about myself and life. At the same time, the step-by-step, day to day choices to nurture a loving kind way of viewing the world and thinking about life and myself was getting stronger.



The Power of Positive Thinking Gave me a Start 

By the tender age of 8 or 9 I had lost significant aspects of my authentic self. In my early 20’s someone gave me the book, The Power of “Positive Thinking” by Norman Vincent Peale.  Because of this, I finally became aware of the negative self talk and automatic negative response loops. Unfortunately, the pathway of negative energy tendrils were as thick as tree trucks. In addition, they were deeply rooted to a long ago past. What I repeatedly heard as a child I eventually believed. As life reflected this back to me, I added my own brand of disparaging internal commentary. Life was proving my worthlessness as vibrational matches found me unprepared and unaware. Life choices reflected a self destructive nature. 


My Will to Heal

My will to override this programming changed everything. The strong, deeply rooted connections that formed the habitual pathways of thinking and responding to myself and life began to steadily shrink. It took persistence and dedication to maintain a practice of changing these negative thoughts at the first hint of their presence. I became determined to succeed and end this chaotic reign of terror.

As time went on, my outer world had not changed much but my inner landscape was shifting dramatically. It took time for the habitual self destructive talk loops to give way. Momentum had carved a deep, strong  unyielding path. Change did not come easy. Those close to me were critical of the work I was doing because from their perspective nothing changed.

I could not make anyone understand or see the progress of my inner world. Either those who loved me really loved or they didn’t love me like I deserved to be loved. It was easy to feel the difference but difficult to accept. The critics and naysayers were throwing boulders of doubt onto my path. Those that really loved me simply accepted me and allowed the changes to unfold in whatever time it took. No judgement. Needless to say, many people fell out of my circle. That is alright. It did hurt but my growth was more important to me than relationships that were shallow and ultimately harmful.


Inner world

As I continued to beautify the landscape of my inner world, the harmful patterns of thought once represented by deep rooted trees began to weaken. Rather than overbearing highly charged negative thoughts, I was working with weak tendrils of these thought forms. They continued to weaken from lack of attention growing fragile until one by one they began to break free.

In my way of seeing it, these tendrils, now mere threads of energy, floated toward the growing supportive thoughts of my conscious making. The self-destructive thoughts that I heard and believed were no longer in the driver’s seat of my mind. As my thoughts became kinder, hopeful and more loving, my speech and actions reflected those changes. My conversational style began to shift naturally. I was well and truly on a path of transformation.



These uprooted and transformed threads of energy were now being magnetized and drawn to the new seeds of thought I had been diligently planting and nurturing. The seeds of self love, health, and kindness etc. were getting a boost from the newly freed threads of pure energy.  New connections were being made and taking hold. Backing up new thoughts with new actions was a game changer. 


The shift

The new thoughts I consistently nurtured and chose were becoming strong, rooted and healthy. Now these healthy thoughts are like a glorious tree with many long far reaching branches.  And like a tree, rooted, flexible  and strong, these thoughts can sway and bend anytime I examine a greater truth. There is no threat or fear demanding I hold an old belief that no longer serves me or the highest good of all. Love is now in the driver’s seat. A new version of the deeper side of thoughts and power of words took root. What grows now is a heightened understanding and love for Self and life. My consciousness is expanding.

I know change is constant and I accept that. These metaphorical trees of knowledge that hold space in my inner world have become a beautiful aspect of my inner landscape. They have the flexibility to sway with the winds of change, grow more branches and deeper roots. I discovered it is better to grow, expand and embrace the unknown rather than hold stubbornly to an old truth or idea. My heart whispered often, “Let truth expand as you grow.”  I did and still do and have only benefited from a flexible open mind and open-hearted way of life.



I remind myself, “Do not feed what you do not want to grow.”  Strangely, it reminds me of the saying, “brush only the teeth you want to keep.” Not the prefect analogy but is does speak of a selection process, power of choice, does it not?  

Straight to the point, first, nurture only the thoughts that you want exercising a role in the manifestation and creation of your precious beautiful life. Write in your journal often and really get to know yourself. Discover the inner workings of your mind and the whispers of your heart,

Second, begin taking steps to create a beautiful inner world that will eventually be reflected back to you and manifested as your beautiful world.

To practice the idea of the deeper side of thoughts and the power of words  1) Speak rightly when words are needed. 2) Remember, Silence is golden, live by the golden rule, love thyself, thy neighbor. 3) Love our brothers, sisters and all sentient beings. 4) Our power is in the present moment. Don’t let unhealthy thoughts get caught in a loop in your mind or let harmful words pass your lips. Be fully present and choose well. 

Life will respond in kind. The deeper side of thoughts and the power of words will return to the source from whence they came, which is you.

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