When most people hear the word addiction or think about addicts they typically think of drugs, alcohol and maybe even food. To be addicted is to become mentally or physically dependent upon something or even someone. Addiction is denoting a person’s inclination or proclivity toward something, someone or some activity. So what about the addiction to negative thinking and negative speech?

If a person is cynical, sarcastic and has negative things to say about most people and situations they have a strong tendency or inclination toward negative thinking. It sets them apart from something within themselves that they are not ready to explore. Repressed anger is one of the few energies hidden at the core of this type of negative thinking and speech.

Many people are addicted to an inner dialogue of self debilitating information. Clearly there are many things hidden at the core here too and like the cynic, anger and a lack of self worth are a couple of the motivating factors. Negative thinking brings drama sooner or later and part of the addiction here is to the feeling of adrenal that rushes through the body making the  individual feel alive. People who are steeped deep in the addiction of negative thinking feel dead on too many levels to mention here in this post, but it is for this reason the adrenal rush becomes a needed source of energy.

What if a person began to recognize their own negative thinking addiction and treated it as such. As any recovering addict knows, ample amounts of patience, love and focus go into the recovery.

So you may ask,” What am I recovering?”

Well you could recover the ability to command your thoughts in the direction of becoming life-affirming rather than life-denying. You could experience and explore the power of uplifting thoughts that will take you in a new direction. You could share encouragement with others. You could recover your natural ability to be grateful for things large and small and find levels of appreciation that typically go by unnoticed when one is steeped within the trenches of negative thinking.

So how does one begin to make sustainable changes?

I believe the use of positive affirmations really do work. Many people believe they do not. It is true that what we believe, is true for us. If you believe positive affirmations do not work perhaps consider opening to the possibility that they do. This may be your first step to breaking the cycle of yet another negative thinking habit or belief that keeps you right where you are, addicted to negative thinking.

One of the reasons many have come to believe they do not work is because the affirmations are in opposition to the current pattern of thinking and soon the very core of our being, feeling this in-congruency, begins to stir. The vibration of the positive affirmation stimulates the old thought forms creating an uncomfortable rub, so to speak. However, this is solely for the purpose of liberating these old thought forms. If the energy of the debilitating thought forms are allowed to move and are consciously directed to meet and align with the positive affirmation you are creating a shift. Ample love, patience and focus comes into play as this wave of energy moves through you. Sound and body movement are two powerful ways to successfully move this energy in a healthy way. Feel what needs to be felt and direct your thoughts in the direction you want them to go. Be patient with yourself, focus on the positive truth and be loving and gentle with yourself as you do this. Addiction to negative thinking is painful as all addictions are. This is not a time to be hard on yourself. It is a time to nurture yourself into mental and emotional wellness.

What triggers the negative thinking?

Is it a person? If so, what do they represent? Does it happen when someone criticizes you? Does it happen when you lose at something or you fall short of your own self generated expectations?

Become aware of what triggers you because this can actually keep you alert enough to consciously make use of your new positive thought forms in a timely fashion. This begins the process of giving your time and attention to a new way of thinking that is life-affirming and self-empowering. When you give time and attention to life-affirming thoughts, the old negative debilitating thought forms begin to starve and lose potency and power. Remember, dismantling addictions of any kind requires loving time and attention and somewhere new to direct your energy. Gratitude and appreciation are so powerful because these thought forms are aligned with the power of love.

Begin and end your day in a new way:

You could say a prayer each morning and evening reviewing the many things to be grateful for. If for some reason it is difficult to think of even one thing, be grateful for your ability to breath. That is a place to start that will surely take you in the direction of becoming aware of many more things in your life to appreciate. You can ask for help from Source, Mother/Father God, your guardian angels or guides to gently and gracefully assist you in the healing/transformation of the addiction to negative thinking.

A simple prayer~ A Meditation

Bring a prayer or meditation into your heart and deliver from the same place. A prayer or meditation from the heart has potency. Feel free to use this prayer if it resonates with you, or you could choose to meditate upon a single line each day as a way of absorbing healthy high vibrational thoughts into your consciousness  🙂

Lift me up into the light of truth and love where I may breath easy in the knowledge of my own divinity where endless possibilities of goodness exist.

I am willing to give my time and attention to the process of raising the vibration of my thoughts in general and specifically when outer reality triggers me.

Help me to pause for a moment before reacting or engaging in the old patterns of negative thinking.  I am now willing to break this addiction so I may consciously make better choices.

Help me remember at all times that I am a beautiful child of a most loving Creator who has given me everything I need to create the best life ever. For this I am grateful.

Help me to see God in all things and in all people so I may direct my thoughts with love and compassion.

I forgive myself

I forgive my past

I forgive all others

so I may Live Life Whole, Happy and Free to love and be loved in a pure uncomplicated manner.

May it be so and so be it. Om

Participating in our own healing is what is being asked of each and everyone one of us. Healing and transformation (one and the same) is within our reach. We are divine. The time is now to remember this and shine our light.

peace and love, Astara