Conscious Mastery® Testimonials



Read testimonials and reviews from others who have benefited from Conscious Mastery® teachings, techniques, classes, courses, workshops, webinars and PlayShops.


“I attended Astara’s workshop, and it was such a wonderful experience. Her kind and gentle ways allowed the information and energy to surround you with peacefulness and tranquility. I would recommend this experience to anyone!!” – Ann A.


“I feel open and light. Thank you for your guidance to new levels of peace and understanding.” – BT


“This is my second workshop with Astara and my journey continues.  With her compassion, loving support, I was able to work on more “stuff” and feel very safe.” – Pamela


“Thank you, Astara, for the ceremony ideas and sound track for the heart meditation links. These are true gifts and provide some of the “tools” for continuing to move forward with what I learned from you on Saturday.” – Mark B


“Your Playshop was an extraordinary time for me. Besides learning numerous new breathing, meditation, and visualization exercises, I was impressed with how you created a safe, gracious, honest, warm, and engaging environment. Coming together as a group gave me the opportunity to learn with some of the lovely women I already know, and to meet others.” – Mary Olson


“I am very grateful to those who shared their previous experiences with you and giving me the extra encouragement to be there today. I am looking forward to hearing of more of your sessions and cannot thank you enough for Saturday. With heartfelt gratitude.” – Nolia


“Thank you for yet another wonderful, inspiring and creative workshop yesterday, at the Abundance Wellness Center. I was very blessed to be a part of it and learned so much. You just get better and better! You are TRULY a gifted facilitator and one who practices what they preach. You are the embodiment of Sat Nam! My favorite two things were the woman/man balancing movement piece – LOVED it!  Beautiful music, beautiful experience – it just really worked for me.  And of course, bountiful, beautiful blissful – I am so impressed with the way you created these amazing movement exercises that were simple in many ways yet profound in others.  All I can say is WAHE GURU and keep on teaching!!!!” Jasbir


“Went deeper than I thought. It is time for change and I am an essential part of that change. This is what I came away with. Thank you!” – Rita


“Wonderful! I highly recommend to all! I learned so much, grew spiritually and can’t wait to use the new tools we learned.” (feedback form unsigned)


“I have learned tools to help myself become more confident and positive, and integrate strength into all aspects of my life.” (feedback form unsigned)


“This was an excellent workshop!! The exercise with our partner, as nervous as I was about it…was so special!! Perfect class, you are a marvelous facilitator!!!!!” – Gina M


“Hi Astara: I just wanted to let you know I thought your weekend Playshop was amazing!  And perfect timing at that!  I was sharing with a friend on Tuesday that I went to the comedy show at the civic center on Saturday evening and a couple of times they played music so loud I could hardly sit still. Since I was wiped out from the evening I waited till Sunday morning when I practiced both of the energy replenish and release techniques you shared on Sat. and boy did they come in handy!  Thank you! I enjoyed meeting the people who attended who I didn’t know and reconnecting with the ones I did. Your workshop helped me to strengthen my Courage and Self Confidence muscles!  When I enter the gym now I think back on the class and recognize the Courageous Being I AM! Thank you again! Love and Light!” – LaTanya


“Astara’s workshop was very healing! I particularly enjoyed learning the breath meditation exercises, music and journey work. I rediscovered feelings that I had forgotten and buried in my childhood for years. The experience was fun, interactive and very inspiring. She is a true intuitive and example that the journey never ends. When we are grounded in consciousness and use our tools along the way, it keeps getting better!” – Ty A.


Thank you for class tonight. I got a lot out of it. I found it fascinating that the first thing that came up right after balancing the chakras was incident from childhood and the powerlessness of that day. What I found to be very interesting is that self-confidence came right to me during the reclaim portion. I really enjoyed your class and look forward to others like it. I am fascinated by the fact that I let go of something bad and its opposite came back to me. Thank you again!” – JD


“Thank you so much for inviting me to your workshop; it was wonderful! I’ve already told two of my friends about it and they would like to come with me to your next one.” – Kathy S


“Sat Nam beautiful wise wild woman. Thank you for such a lovely and profound experience Saturday.  You are a most gifted person in every way – what I was impressed with the most was your confidence and ability to hold the space, so that we all felt safe.  Its one thing to say it, its another thing entirely for the students to actually feel that it is true. I think that is the highest compliment I could give to you because I think it is the most important – without that, none of the activities matter.” – Gobindria


“Thank you Astara for facilitating this powerful workshop.  It was a beautiful fellowship of fun, playfulness, creativity, and personal growth… much like a replication of our designed nature for this life experience.  From the opening with blessing the four directions, unifying the group and connecting to Mother Earth, to the closing circle, I felt safe to be and remain open.  Providing the journals and time to reflect throughout the day was extremely beneficial to me so that I could capture the moment and free myself to explore additional insights. The body movement exercises took me out of my head so I could simply feel, but then following that with stillness and meditation allowed me to connect the two together, super cool! I learned a lot during the group discussion, you have an uncanny ability to listen and relate to each individual as well as the group in it’s entirety. I feel you endowed me with the knowledge and tools to continue what I learned in the workshop at home. Much appreciation and love to you dearest teacher!” – Heather, Warner Robins,Georgia


“I can recommend Astara Summers as an inspirational, dynamic and entertaining speaker who knows how to keep an audience engaged and interactive!  Astara empowers participants with very useful tools to help them stay balanced and peaceful in today’s highly stressful job situations!“ – Robin Wharton, CMP Senior Events Director-University Center Club, Florida State University


“I found out about Conscious Mastery® through a friend. I was having personal problems dealing with relationships in my life, and wondering how I got to this point? Had I forgotten everything I’d ever learned? Well, in short, I called Astara on the phone, not really intending to find long-sought after answers in ONE phone call! Her insight and wisdom, and her unique ability to say precisely the right words so that I understood exactly what she was trying to convey was amazing. When I was talking with her, I started jotting down some of the key words that she used and after we hung up, I felt so much better, even uplifted. I reread the words I had written down and I felt very clear-minded about how I had gone wrong, what to do to get back on the right track, most of all I [personally] had a stronger sense of self, knowing that my feelings matter and compassion toward the other person. Thanks Astara!” Katy


“Astara is a beautiful soul filled worker. She’s skilled in harmonizing the inner being with the outer being. She has been a student of life and spirit and has been given a beautiful array of healing modalities that seem to know how to connect to your soul and merge with all of you, thus enriching your soul and catapulting your being into new dimensions of soulful existence. Astara truly lives up to her name. She comes from the tear of the mighty one, she’s fearless yet able to get right to the matter and ride the current into a new existence using the energy as a transformational device. How fortunate we are to have a spiritual master of this degree in our presence working in a manner that is of love.” – Connie S., Manitou Springs Co.


“Blessings sister Astara, Thank-you for your healing CD. I have used it every day for a month and now once a month. My hands are doing better than ever. I feel more energy too. Thank-you for your love and support. You are truly talented. Blessings!” – Cynthia H., Flagstaff Az.


“In my journey of self-awareness, knowledge, and growth I sought to gain a deeper understanding of my unconscious patterns. Astara’s amazing intuitive practice brought forth many personal truths that inspired, challenged, and changed me. Months later I still reflect and share with others the many insights I gained from my time with Astara as well as the simple lessons she shared that had a profound impact on my attitude and perceptions of life. I am grateful for and rewarded from my interactions with her.” – Karen L., Manitou Springs, Co.


“Dear Astara, the hypno-journey CD’s you created for me have become the most played disk I own. The ability to access my own subconscious mind, has benefited me more than all the sales seminars I have ever attended put together. Who would of ever thought that 30 minutes relaxing would increase our bottom line! Your assistance with our sales and management team this year has proven to be extremely productive. Sales are up, moral is up, and all we have changed this quarter is our attitudes. I will confidently refer your services to many of my friends and associates here in Colorado, because I believe you truly care about your clients. Be well.” – Steven B., Colorado Springs, Co.


“I am really grateful for my time spent with Astara who has been a power guide as a hypno-therapist and counselor. Astara has assisted me in breaking the current cycle of abuse and unhealthy sexual connections with my ex-partner. Shifting my inner dialogue from negative, destructive to optimistic and divine. Integrating inner child and bringing light to the parts of myself that have needed love. Connecting with Divine essence and breaking unhealthy patterns that no linger serve the highest good. Working with Astara helps me formulate a vision of healthy self-love and creating a vision of healthy relationship. I am able to recognize a turning point. In recognizing a turning point I can make a new choice.” – Diana H., LMT Colorado


“For most of us in middle age life presents us with opportunity to grow. Each of us responds differently to those challenges. My most recent, was an emotional stumbling block with the loss of a relationship. I found myself being hyper-critical and I was experiencing broken thoughts on how to process through it. We all have a choice to go it alone or reach out for guidance. I have done it both ways. Today however I choose to share with someone I trust. I feel fortunate to know Astara from Conscious Mastery. Astara’s attentive listening skills, ancient intuition and direct energy is grounding. I received a healthy dose of positive affirmations to help move me into solid positive thinking of the world I live in. Astara I want to thank you for your advice and the CD you made for me to reinforce the tools we talked about. Everyday is a new day rising… peace.” – Steve W., Costa Mesa, California


“True Story. I have smoked for 36 years, and one day decided I wanted to quit. I knew I would need help as I tried once before. I saw this number in the paper and called it. Get hypnotized and quit smoking. I decided to try it as I had 2 girlfriends who had got hypnotized and they haven’t smoked in years. I told my friends I was going for it and they thought I was crazy. They were very negative about it. Well, were they surprised when the very next day I no longer smoked and I haven’t since. It has been 3 months now and I have not smoked cigarette one. I have thought about it and then I think ‘What am I thinking? I don’t smoke! It has been a blessing and I am truly thankful for Astara’s help. If you want to quit smoking, give it a try. It worked for me.” – Rose J.