Constant companions


I felt I was living my life at the tip of a karmic whip.

One day I realized I was the one holding the handle. I put it down never to strike myself again.

I have made many mistakes.


As much as I forgave, I have been forgiven. This I accept as true.

Finally free to restore my life, I began to build where once I could only sabotage.

It was slow going, at first, with intermittent quantum leaps.

During growth spurts I was exhilarated and exhausted with a touch of bliss.

As growth slowed, the bountiful shifts and changes affecting my field of energy began to seep in

Awakening my companions.


I found love, peace, patience, and purpose waiting for my arrival.

These I now carry within me as friends of the truest order.

When growth accelerates as it does from time to time, I am thrilled.

It is different now as I am grounded with the helpful energy of my constant companions:

Love, Peace, Patience, and Purpose.


My life is mostly harmonious but not always.

When the noise of life is discordant, I find my way to the heart of the matter

and to the heart of my being.

There, in the center of my heart I find my constant companions.

love peace patience and purpose

love Astara