What is Covered in the Conscious Mastery® Certification

What is covered in the Conscious Mastery® certification


This course is designed to meet the needs of those who want to enhance their professional development as a teacher facilitator or guide and for those who want to take the steps toward their own total wellness.


What is Covered in This Online Course:


Along with many other things, you will:


  • Learn to identify, understand and untangle from the destructive energy of guilt, denial, fear, and judgment.
  • Understand how recognition and acceptance play a major role in transformation.
  • Gain an understanding of the energies inherent in the seven major chakras, the balanced and imbalanced characteristics, the archetypes, shadow energy and more and how to create balance in each.
  • Know the chakra seed sound, hear the corresponding key and mantra for personal or professional use in balancing the chakras.
  • Look at time management in a different way.
  • Learn to see how the power of forgiveness is a path to reclaim your personal power.
  • Discover the difference between heart essence and heartlessness to make a better choice.
  • Learn several ways you can release repressed energy consciously.
  • Learn how to create a conscious gathering, set a safe space, honor the directions, and have event ideas at your fingertips.
  • Learn why and how to practice deep inner listening and deep listening of another for better communication skills.
  • Learn an exercise to deepen your listening skills and a downloadable guide for body language.
  • Learn the importance of knowing yourself, loving yourself and self-care exercises and tips.
  • Learn the importance of the Vagas nerve and how to strengthen it for your total wellness.
  • Learn several exercises that help you understand the working of your mind and how to bring higher vibrational thoughts into action.
  • Learn visualizations, meditations and breathing exercises for personal and professional use.
  • Learn the four fear responses, how to recognize them and how to use your breath to bring balance.


The course includes many downloads you can use as tools for your own healing journey or to enhance your work as a Conscious Mastery® Facilitator, including a Body Language Guide, Yoga Postures with Picture and Description to Balance Several of the Chakras, 3 Chakras Overview PDFs for quick reference, Chakra Key Sounds MP3, and a PDF for a Breath Technique to Release Anger.