Energy Art

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You will find some cool stuff I created for Original Spark Music~ which is another Astara project with conscious music. 🙂

Energy Art ~ Feel the Energy ~

These original works of art are loaded with energy. Shift the energy of any room with Original Energy Art. Some pieces soothe, some energize, some bring out a playful nature, some stream line the ability to focus while others inspire the creative spark within to become a flame. Feel them for yourself.

Astara’s Art Gallery~Acrylic on Canvas~


(Price includes shipping and handling in continental US)

To purchase simply click the donate button then add the price. The next page offers a “send message to seller” box. This is where you write the title of the painting. It is that easy:


Landscape 16×20 Acrylic with texture on canvas $200.00


Terra Firma

Terra Firma 11×14 Acrylic + texture $125.00



Undiscovered World 16×20 Acrylic with texture $250.00


The Road

The Road 16×20 Acrylic with texture on canvas $200.00

















Night Sky 11×14 acrylic with texture $125.00


Dancing 11×14 $ 65.00/sold


Strength $11×14 $ 65.00



Cosmic Womb 36×24 $1000

Transformation 11×14 $60.00/sold

Golden Pod 16×20-framed $200

Toys 8×10 $45

Sunset 20×16-$150

Receptivity 20×16 $200-sold

Free Spirit- 36×24 $750

Planetary Neighbor-framed 16×20 $300

Fresh Mint 20×16 $175

La Petite Fleur 11×14 $60/sold

Saturday Night framed- 20×16 $250/sold

Pele 24×18 $175-sold

Martini Monday 14×11 $70

Harvest 14×11 $60

Yellow Feather 20×16 $150

hOMe 11×14 $55