The Four Pillars of Conscious Mastery®

The Four Pillars Of Conscious Mastery®  


                          SPIRIT  WILL  HEART  BODY 

Learn how to master your consciousness, meditate on the four pillars of Conscious Mastery® to create balance.

A balanced life expresses as prosperity, good health, an ease in day to day life. When the 4 pillars are balanced and strong so are you. Honest communication is made possible and preferable, therefore the light of your spirit grows bright and the energy to get things done is available. 

The four pillars include the heart where so much of what plays out in life begins. An open heart, masculine / feminine energies are balanced; the messages of the heart are received by a clear mind, the mind follows heart lead and so you are capable and willing to make powerful good choices.


1 of The Four Pillars



Spirit is the light that inspires, and guides. Attuned to action and the masculine/yang polarity Spirit is the Father God Principle.


2 of The Four Pillars



 Will informs through feelings and selects what feels best. Attuned to intuition, emotion and the feminine /yin polarity Will is the Mother Principle.


3 of The Four Pillars



Heart is where our Divine Mother/Father God dwell. We must open our heart and make room for True Source to express through us. The Heart is where our Spirit and our Will find balance, expanding love and harmony. The Yin/ Yang, feminine/masculine aspects compliment one another manifesting right time, right place and right action. All is Divine.


4 of The Four Pillars



 Body  The Spirit and Will are made manifest in the body, without which we would have no earth walk. The human body is the form given to us by our Divine parents and as such is a temple to be loved unconditionally and cared for.


4-Pillars: United We are Whole

We are creating our life in some way every day, however, if you do not like some aspect of your life, you can create something better. Awaken positive change. Become conscious and aware of your personal power, your thought processes and patterns of behavior. Take the time to really know yourself. we are all both light and dark, positively and negatively charged. look at teh four pillars once again. 

I wrote them out this way with few words so you may meditate upon each one. through my Course i bring a deep understand of of the many ways we can create balance in life. 

Discover and experience the freedom your heart longs for. It is the freedom you and everyone deserves.

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