“Practicing higher levels of consciousness requires us to be aware of our thought processes, aware of our actions and responsible for both.” Astara

To Practice Conscious Mastery@ Let’s begin with baby steps

Firstly, each morning before you open your eyes, smile. Secondly, if you use an alarm clock turn it off. Try to keep your eyes closed. Thirdly, take a moment to think one good thought while smiling. Lastly, repeat your happy thought three times then slowly open your eyes and begin your day.

Each night as you ready yourself for bed think of your day and pick one thing you are grateful for. Secondly, as you snuggle into the covers close your eyes, smile and again think about the one thing you are grateful for.

As a result of this small action step, you have created healthy, happy book ends to your day. Most importantly, if you do this every morning and night a gentle lift in spirit and energy will certainly be felt. It will take a little discipline to get the ball rolling, however, this simple action step will have been worth it.

Conscious Breathing 

Breath consciously three times a day. Once in the morning again in the afternoon and lastly in the evening. Each time, take three deep conscious breaths. Focus solely on your three breaths. That’s it! You don’t have to be anywhere special to do this. Just do it for 30 days and see what has shifted in you and your world.


Work life balance is a worthy goal. To begin, simply consider what that means to you. Write down three small changes that, if implemented, would bring greater balance into your life. Place it somewhere you can see it every day and contemplate your list for one week. Have a notebook or journal handy to jot down your progress and thoughts about the changes you are about to make to create balance in your life.

On the second week pick one thing on your list and actively work to bring this into your world. Stay with this one change for one month. If you are a bit wobbly about the new change stay the course for another month.  If it feels well integrated pick another of the three and actively practice folding it into your life. Stay the course with these two changes for a month. If you are successful add the third, if not stick with the two until you are ready, strong, and steady before adding the third change.

Parts of Communication                                                                               

Thought Clouds

Have you ever retold a story to a friend describing a conversation or an uncomfortable situation saying you said, “ XYZ.”   But when asked, “Did you really say that?” your answer is no. You then go on to explain that “XYZ” is what you were thinking or that’s what you wanted to say.

This is one very common type of thought cloud. When a person is thinking one thing but says nothing or something else the conversation is misleading. The other person is in the dark about your true feelings. Honest communication is called for at every turn.

There are many reasons people chose a lack of transparency and truth in conversations. Here are a few examples: you don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings, you intentionally mislead another into feeling safe to satisfy an ulterior motive. On the other hand, maybe you disguise your true feelings because you are afraid of consequences, or you aren’t interested in the conversation and are thinking about something else entirely.

These are only a few of many examples that exist. Some may seem innocent while others are done consciously in an effort to mislead. No matter, they all point to poor communication skills and that breaks down trust in any relationship.                             

An Exercise For You To Practice Conscious Mastery® 

Firstly, make yourself aware of each and every thought cloud you invest your attention to when you are the listener. (I would like to suggest that you carry a small note pad and pen with you wherever you go. It will come in handy in many ways.) Secondly, once you are aware of your thought cloud bring your attention back to the conversation. Thirdly, when it is your turn to talk, ask the other person for a moment. Next, jot down the direction your thought cloud was going. Was it critical, on topic, distracted, snarky, don’t judge yourself, even a single word will do and get back to the conversation. Lastly, review your discovery when you are by yourself.

In short, you are practicing Conscious Mastery® . Although this may take a fraction of a minute you are learning a lot about your own state of mind as well as how well you listen. Perhaps you realized you don’t like where the conversation is going. If so, use your communication skills to redirect honestly with a good dose of kindness. Maybe you discovered you are thinking about what’s for dinner. Decide if you are interested in this conversation or just too hungry to pay attention.

In conclusion, bring your attention back to the conversation and decide how you want to handle yourself and the conversation. Above all, do so honestly and in a kind manner. If the other person asks you what you are doing when you took your “moment”, tell them you are practicing Conscious Mastery® to better your communication skills. You do not have to discuss the particulars. I don’t think anyone would be offended but they may be curious to learn more. Last but not least, when you are alone discover what got your attention away from the conversation and why.

Ask Qualifying Questions

A sensitive and observant speaker will feel a lack of connection brought about by an inattentive listener.  Furthermore, if that person is self-empowered, they will be able to kindly ask qualifying questions. For instance, “Did you hear/understand what I was talking about? Or “Are you interested in this conversation at this time?”. Be clear and ask in a way that says you are at peace and simply want an honest answer with no offense taken. If the listener is not interested at “this time” and says so, this is part of honest communication. Better he says so rather than tell you what he thinks you want to hear. If that occurs simply say, “Thank you. We can pick this up at a later date if you like.”


If you feel or sense undercurrents of energy in a conversation there is a lack of integrity. An undercurrent is energy that does not align with what is being shared on the surface. Here is your opportunity to ask some qualifying questions such as “I hear what you are saying but something doesn’t feel right. Could you clarify or elaborate so we can get on the same page?” Or “you said this, but I got the feeling you meant that. Have I misunderstood you?” This is listening on a much deeper level and can be a useful tool to bring truth and understanding to the surface.  Don’t be afraid to ask qualifying questions. That is a way to hone your listening and communication skills and take them to a new level.

Conclusion  “What It Means To Practice Conscious Mastery® Part 1”

In summary, I did a broad stroke with regard to simple action steps. The book ends of a day, how to bring heighten awareness to your listening skills, an exercise to stimulate work life balance and conscious breathing. These small baby steps will set you up for longer strides in the future. In the exercise relating to thought clouds it is important that you know you have the right to take a moment and course correct conversations however you see fit.

The underlying theme is always think and act with honesty and kindness. Start your day in a good way, get on track with fun and meaningful conversations. Make small incremental steps that promote a balanced lifestyle.  Build and enhance relationships and end your day in a good way.

Practice Makes Perfect 

 I will leave you to practice what is here in this post. These are doable baby steps making your day start off right, end right and in between you will get to know yourself better.

What it means to practice ConsciousMastery® is many things. Look at other posts on my web-site dating back to May 2010. For instance; Tyrant and Martyr-Indications of a chakra imbalance.  I will write another post in the near future on other topics giving you doable actions steps to practice Conscious Mastery® It is time for all of us to live life whole happy and free!

Remember: Intention begins the process, faith in yourself, your ability and a power greater than yourself keeps you moving in the direction of light and liberation.”

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