Poetic intro:

The tyrant and the martyr are both rude and cruel.

To rid the self of them both let the Heart Rule!

Disclaimer: As it goes there are vastly varying degrees of imbalance of any kind. It need not be a case of extremes for us to desire or recognize a need for balance and heart healing.

Where there is a tyrant there is a martyr. When the tyrant is taking center stage, the martyr is invisible growing ever more resentful. Often, the martyr may seem withdrawn, complacent or even calm and polite on the surface. However, as the tyrant and martyr flip-flop back and forth in an unsuccessful effort to find balance, its clear they are both rude and cruel.

Whoever the tyrant is flogging, whether it is the self or another, the fruits of such labor are short lived and bring no sustainable joy. When the tyrant gets weary and they will because they have cut themselves off from True Source of power and energy; the martyr moves to center stage with thoughts and feelings of being over worked and abused. Through these eyes they look about seeing everything they do not have. The focus of “poor me” builds a wave of resentment and jealously that pits everything they really want against itself bringing nothing. The martyr having built sufficient momentum of self pity, resentment, and jealousy eventually lashes out only to feel disgraced and cowers back in the shadows.

Too soon the tyrant will resurface taking control again but not the control of the self. This shadow piece just gets back in the drivers seat of the intellect, moving full throttle bringing out the whips to flog the self and eventually others who are in the line of fire.

The energy is out of balance and will remain so until the human stops and checks in, as it were, to find the cause of uncontrolled and imbalanced behavior.

Heal the tyrant that whips you without mercy, that causes you to gnash your teeth at those you love driving them far from you. I say this because every man or woman seen as a tyrant is surely a tyrant to him or her self first. In the shadows, invisible to the outer world, a relentless driver has gained control producing these tyrannic visible expressions in the work place, in politics, and in the home. All in all it began “within” and that is where the healing must take place.

I will say, without hesitation, that love has nothing to do with this. Love, although ever present, has been shut out. We have free will and as humans we do this (shut out love) often, mostly unconscious of course. I will say that there is room for some love to enter into the human while these shadow buddies are trading places. Here is where there is an opening to recognize that fear is the motivator, the driver of the intellect. It is always possible at any given moment to change course. However, here at the crossroad, typically provided by some event that shakes the core, knocking one or the other loose from the podium of control, where the possibility to change course is met with some humility. This humility offers an opening where love may enter and the heart has an opportunity to deliver some guidance.

I am not one who believes life has to fall apart for change to occur. We are living in times that provide so may opportunities to see who we have become in the reflection of our own life. So look around yourself. We are awake enough to know if we are happy or not, if we are living in squalor or health. We know if we are blaming someone or something for our unhappiness. We create our reality. That is the law of the Universe and our privilege and Power. To think otherwise is to continue on as a fool in an ever turning wheel of events with no discernible change.

If you are never happy or are only happy at the expense of another it would be wise to begin a healing process of your choosing now. For many, meditation is a good place to start but there are a plethora of choices and numerous support groups available for those wanting to heal their heart.

Remember the Bhagavad-Gita verse that says:

Lift up the self by the Self

do not let the self droop down

for the Self is the self’s only friend

and the self is the Self’s only foe


personal interpretation:

We, the self, are our only enemy allowing fear, greed and other such things to drive us creating unhappiness and in some cases even monsters where enlightened souls are crying to BE.

The Self, the ‘Presence’, is ever ready to guide us to a life of joy, kindness, health, happiness and a life of plenty if we would just get out of the way. We must trust, a bit more each day, that all is well and always will be. Trust, that even if we cannot see the changes yet, the ‘Presence’ the higher power will guide us right and all our needs will be met in perfect time.  For this to Be we must be willing to hold steadfast to our trust and hearts desire in the face of adversity. We must be unwavering in our application to love as our guiding Light. To give anything but love to those out of balance is to be out of balance. Love IS the balancing energy and the healing power. Make no mistake, to be less than humble in all of life’s trials and triumphs is inviting the expression of unbalanced energies, a dance with the shadow not the light.

A little about chakras:

Everything is energy. Most people know this on some level. I have addressed some of the energy of tyrant and martyr. There is a lot of these expressions in the world today. These behaviors are indications of charka imbalance. Charkas are energy centers in the body. Many people have done excellent work discussing the 7 major chakras so I am not going to reinvent the wheel. If you are interested in understanding this system of the body a little google search will bring up a lot of information.

As with any system, when one part is not working there is some kind of break down on every other part. The chakra system is no different. It is from this line of thought that I simply suggest a routine of balancing all charkas. In a world that is exposing shadow energy in great volume, I suggest a daily meditation practice and a little understanding of the charka system so you may heal yourself. Create a simple effective practice that you can do daily. One that adds to your life and doesn’t feel like a burden in time or effort. In this way a simple practice becomes sustainable and life changing.

in peace and in the light I bid you farewell for now

love, Astara