Conscious Mastery® is a journey to personal freedom. When you resonates with inner peace and personal power you know what it is to have personal freedom. Everyone has a reservoir of peace and personal power within them. In these fast-paced changing times many people have forgotten their power and how it feels to be at peace.  You can find the peace that dwells within because it is a breath away. In other words, peace is within your power to cultivate. Take a moment to become conscious of your breathing. Right now, pause, close your eyes and take three conscious nourishing breaths. It feels good doesn’t it? In addition to feeling good, this one simple thing done several times a day will create a shift in your reality. It will be subtle at first but stay the course and feel peace and personal power return to you. It is a homecoming for your heart. 

                                                          One’s Own Power

It is time to take back your power. To do that you must be willing to cultivate inner peace. Begin with something as simple as 3 nourishing breaths and a daily walk. Take three conscious breaths when walking to your car or as you walk down the grocery store isle. This will get you into the flow, and above all, bring you into the present moment where all the magic is.  

Put an end to excuses whatever they may be because the joy of feeling deep abiding inner peace has far reaching rewards. When you are at peace, you are able to explore your inner reality, discover your personal power and put your energy into healthy action. The more peaceful you are the easier it becomes for you to hear your quiet inner voice. This is your gateway to inner guidance and the beginning of creating your life by conscious design. Master your consciousness, know your thoughts, understand what you are feeling and why.  Conscious Mastery®  is your journey to personal freedom.

                                                    Things we have heard:

We have heard “God does not give us more than we can handle.” Another way of saying this is: The challenges life presents come with the power to master them. Everything we need to create the best life ever is within us. Still, we see much of humanity has not tapped into their well spring of power and peace. Far too often people express and share just how unhappy, stressed, angry, and mad they are.

The search and focus for happiness aimed outside of themselves is not sustainable.  When people spend time comparing their life with others, the focus is directed outward. Criticizing the choices of other people is not helpful and aids to the misery many people feel. After all, paying more attention to what others are doing is taking precious time away from personal growth. No job, career, relationship or any amount of money will offer the sustainable joy that comes from the well spring of inner peace. Cultivate inner peace and receive the gifts of stability, a clear mind and a steady hand through any storm.  

                                                       Let Go and Let God

This brings me to another well-known phrase “Let Go and Let God” Letting go is an action, a conscious action. It is not pushing something down pretending it doesn’t exist or forgetting that it exists. It really means “let go.”

What you hold in the shadows of denial must be released (let go of ) so the energy can literally lighten up. Old pain, outgrown beliefs, shame and so on weigh heavy upon much of humanity. This will rob the very essence of vitality, joy, health and natural creative impulses. What is held and forgotten in the darkness of denial is powerful energy that belongs to you but is not readily available for good use. The energy is heavy and draws a level of chaos to itself because this trapped energy seeks freedom.  Above all, denial keeps you from your well spring of inner peace. 

                                                      Your passage to happiness 

Energy is meant to flow. You are designed to fulfill your life’s passion, purpose and destiny. One thing we all seem to have in common is a desire to be happy. Happiness is an expression of our true nature and is found in the deep acceptance of the self. Inner peace is the balm that soothes hurtful experiences and provides healthy new perspectives. 

Basically, if you allow your energy to flow, you will open up like a beautiful flower.  Remember to keep your heart open like the flower, during challenges and difficult life changes. You will know how strong you are as you see yourself navigate rough waters with a peaceful mind.  A flower is not always a bud nor in bloom. There comes a time when it turns again to the seed. You will know when it is time for you to retreat, rest, and refresh after a big challenge. As the rest and recovery period ends, it is time again to come forward renewed. Much like a vessel overflowing, there is no holding, just flowing and growing through many stages.

As you let go there will be some things in life that come to an end, other things will expand into something new. Meanwhile, a new shift in perception comes into view and in surprising ways new experiences, opportunities and people show up.  Obviously, addictions, attachments and possessiveness always lead to frustration and suffering. One step at a time in a new direction will lead out of the dark and into the light of a new day. Despite the simplicity of practicing conscious breathing you will learn to let go and find inner peace on your journey to personal freedom.


The more peaceful you are the more likely you are to hear and understand the prompting of your quiet inner voice. Your inner guide will light the way so you can create your life by conscious design. If you courageously travel deep within, you will discover and recover many treasures you once thought were lost. 


In my book Conscious Mastery~Freedom From the Inside Out” I approach the topics of denial, judgment and guilt for the sole purpose of helping others discover and recognize these invisible forces. Recognition and acceptance leads to an end of the painful vibrational patterns they produce.

This and much more is further explored in my new on-line certification course Conscious Mastery®  Facilitator.

It is time to clear up misconceptions that lead to disease and unhappiness. Many people have forgotten their inner God Self, inner teacher and inner healer. People have gotten caught up, distracted by drama, media and the many things that happen in a day. They have forgotten just how powerful they are.

I am here to remind you that you have copious amounts of energy and resources at your disposal if you will but open yourself to receive the love that is you and all around you. Join me in the movement of making a commitment in 2024 to shine brighter, make bold loving choices and live life whole happy and free.

Conscious Mastery® Facilitator certification

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Much love Astara