Seeds of thought: Part 3 of a 4 part series

Within any seed lies the potential for great beauty, great strength and wisdom. All it needs is proper nurturing for it to burst forth in divine time and splendor.

Ponder, contemplate, nurture and discover more. Teachings are guidelines that assist us on the journey of finding our own way, our own heart, and our own true deep connection to All That Is. Recognition brings ignition. Once ignited, we can then lighten up just a little more.

Seed #3- Truth


It has been said: The truth shall set you free!

Free from what you may ask?

Free from the bondage we have unwittingly created through the avenues of fear, denial, guilt and judgment.

Now that is a good reason to embrace truth, isn’t it?


The truth does not need pressure to gain acceptance. It has substance and presence enough to be recognized by those that desire to know the truth and for those that have experience enough to recognize it. Pushing our idea of truth onto someone else is not the path of unconditional love and acceptance. When we are at peace with the truth that is within us we come to understand that our idea of the truth does not need defending nor do we need to press for outside approval. As we evolve the truth expands.

Unveiling the truth begins within the self. One must become purely honest with their motives, their thoughts, their feelings and their actions. Speaking the truth grows to become a simple matter. Twisted truth is complicated with all manner of polite avoidance, dancing around the truth, speaking politically correct, withholding information, telling white lies and out right deception.

Are You Ready to Receive More of the Truth?

The truth cannot give us what we have no readiness or openness to receive. Truth can only give us what we are ready to receive. The time is now to prepare our growing ground to receive more of the truth. We can begin by exercising our ability to be honest with ourselves by writing more of the truth in our journals and allowing that truth to be felt. We can practice speaking the truth with others in areas of our life where we are most likely to cover it up or change it for various reasons. Some of the reasons seem noble, some are fear based but regardless of what part of the spectrum of “denying truth” we hail from it is still a deception.

Seek and Ye Shall Find:

If it is the truth you seek, it is the truth you will find. If it is truth you want from others allow the truth to unfold in you and from you. Then, as it goes a vibrational match will be made. Truth begets truth. As we grow and expand our consciousness, the truth expands revealing more of itself. This expansion of the truth spurs us to continue growing, expanding our consciousness, evolving our Will and our Spirit, expanding the heart and caring for our body. The truth reveals the importance of self-love and self-acceptance in a way that can not be ignored. This expansion initiates the release of old repressed emotions, which frees our Will, allowing us to feel the deeper meaning that lies within the insights and inspirations offered by our Spirit. This is a path of evolving and maturing our mental, emotional, and spiritual nature. See how the truth sets us free? It is lovely!

truth withinIf Mans true deep intention is to align with God and with the Mother, and his actions move in that direction, he will. If Man’s intention is to accept all of himself with no exception, and his actions move in that direction, he will. In the presence of truth, the Will and the Spirit within us all will come into harmonious balance in the heart center resonating perfectly with All That Is. Together truth, peace and love abide. The Spirit inspires, the Will responds to the inspiration with truthful feelings. Both work together with heart to balance the outcome bringing about the appropriate response to any given situation. The truth is no longer hidden behind fears and secret agendas because there are no secret agendas and we have finally grown weary of fearing the truth. Truth and balance become the flow with gentle expansion and natural contraction. There is a beautiful cycle of growing (expansion) followed by natural periods of resting (contraction) to reflect and integrate. Life takes on a graceful quality, which was part of the Divine plan all along. The truth becomes simple as the twists and distortions lose their power and fade in the light of true Source. We come to realize being out of alignment with our divine truth causes much anxiety, pain and illness.  When we lie to others there is always a fear of being found out. When we live the lie of believing in our smallness we cut ourselves off from our own divine nature.

One today is worth two tomorrow’s — Ben Franklin

Don’t wait until tomorrow to begin your journey of discovering more of the truth that waits patiently within you ever ready to share more of itself.

Aad Such, Jugaad Such, Hai Bhay Such, Nank Hosee Bhay Such~ translates as~

True in the beginning, True throughout the ages, True at this moment. Nanek says truth shall ever be.

You can discover more of how to release consciously and safely, leading you to discover more of the truth that lies within you in my new book “Conscious Mastery~Freedom From the Inside Out”.  My book includes an on-line Bonus Media component that gives you free mp3 guided meditations, pdf worksheets and video to help you on your journey. 🙂

May the light of truth shine brightly from within you and all around you ~

We are meant to live life Whole, Happy and Free!*

The time to begin is now 🙂

love, Astara