Good people

Relax Good people… For those who have eyes to see and ears to hear

Just because you are good people please don’t expect everyone to like you.
Some people are too suspicious of good people and good things. They sabotage much in their life. You can not save them. They must save themselves by shifting their own consciousness. Move on.
Others simply do not like good people. They are too filled with fear and hatred. Good people make them sick. They feel uncomfortable and sometimes volatile around good people. They have a need to inflict some level of pain as they are full of it. Pain can be silent, physical, emotional or mental. It doesn’t matter to them. They will inflict pain small or large on those who trigger them. Good people unconsciously trigger them.

My advise to good people.

If you are good people find other good people. We all have a pressing need to clean up our inner world of thought forms, feelings, heal our bodies and care. I am not referring to an idealistic perfection when I say good people. What I mean by good people is simple. We care about ourselves, others, animals and the planet we call home. We exercise non judgment, a desire to be the best we can be and continue to grow. We carry an innate desire to see others flourish, prosper and shine. We have an ability to shine on our own, share light without casting a shadow on those who are light in their own right. We have no need nor desire to gossip or criticize. Good people speak well and listen better.

Good people Please rise up show yourself!

Other good people need to see you so we can come together. The time of hiding in the shadow is long since past. Rise up in love. Rise up in the light. This is where we  belong. We shall meet and our numbers will be strong.

Where we gather good things happen.

love peace and good will