Love serves, because it is the nature of Love to give, and it is not concerned with nor does it expect acknowledgement of its Gifts.

Gratitude is beautiful, however, Become the Love that does not wish to possess, for then Love is truly Divine.Love is Divine

Allow Love to flow freely. Direct the flow consciously. Energy is always being directed by the individual through thoughts, feelings, words and activity. Most of it is unconscious hence, the discord being expressed on Earth. Do your part. Wake up to all that you are and be responsible with the energy you are given. If you have a smile on your face and your thoughts are dark you are fooling no one but yourself. The Light that Never Fails knows All.

If what you are up to is not of kindness and love, step back, reconsider and course correct. No one is served when anything less than Love is being expressed, least of all you. This is simply Cosmic Law. Whether one wants to embrace, ignore or deny this simple truth does not change it in the least.

peace love and light