When we finally decide to be a clear channel for the flow of spiritual and material abundance we will see our lives through new eyes.

Single minded, mindfulness, patience, peace-drink this in.

Double minded, fear, anxiety, doubt-throw this out.

MindfulnessIn many ways people are somewhat addicted to anxiety. When life is presenting in a way that people do not like or was not expected, most people drop down into the vibration of anxiety. They drink it in without realizing it is poison. Anxiety destroys peace of mind. We can call it worry, doubt, or fear but essentially we are investing energy supporting everything we do not want.

When many things in life are unclear, the choice to maintain a sense of peace and mindfulness will provide a pathway for the abundance of the Universe to find us. We have the power and the ability to make such a choice. Mindfully choose abundant joy, health, happiness, clarity, peace as well as material abundance.

St. Germain says, ” Life is abundant-here, now and forever. Wherever you are it needs only be tapped.”

Jesus said, ” When we entertain doubt and fear, we cannot receive the kingdom of God or His abundance.”

mindfulness and manifesting

What thoughts do you entertain when life presents challenges?

Is it patience, hope, trust, faith? Is it anxiety, fear or worry?

What thoughts are you most likely to entertain when life is good or great?

Is it appreciation, gratitude, sharing? Is it calling for more, grandiose, self promoting?

Do you remember true Source during times of plenty and times of challenge and growth?

When we remain mindful, choose peace, and entertain faith we allow the creative vibrations to move through us freely. The vibrations arrange themselves into positive patterns that are in alignment with our abundant Universe, true Source and our desires.

If on the other hand we entertain anxiety, invest our energy in fear, doubt, and hopelessness to any degree, the creative energy takes on a pattern that matches our worry, fear, and doubt. This is why many people experience repeated disappointment, frustration and their greatest fears. This is just as true when we have a double mind. Some energy going to anxiety and some to hope. This not a potent nor effective way to manifest our hearts desires. Keep in mind there is a big difference between releasing debilitating patterns and entertaining them.

Random ongoing fear destroys the creative vibrations of positive patterns disrupting our ability to enjoy the abundance of the Universe.  Faith counteracts fear. Think about that for a moment.

When things get to be too much, still the mind. Breath consciously. Wait.

To a mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders~ Chang Tzu

When it is time to resume activity be mindful.

Mindfulness: Focus on the greater good for all others as well as yourself.

Choose wisely because you can!

Positive Expectations:

There is something to be said for positive expectations. Entertaining positive expectation is holding space open with hope and faith. Positive expectations do not grip or cling feverishly to a particular outcome. Positive expectations give loving allowance for the God force to flow through us unimpeded. Positive expectations hold space open for the creative vibrations to arrange themselves in the most beautiful of ways bringing abundance into our lives.

Patience and Perseverance:

We often have to wait for our dreams to unfold or our desires to be made manifest. Patience with an ongoing commitment to action is something that strengthens our Will, our faith, develops character and courage.

We live in times that have us believing everything should be instant, everything should be easy. Instant credit, 3 easy steps to this, that or the other. Don’t wait, have it all now. Buy now, pay later.

We forgot that patience is a virtue and perseverance is a great key to abundance. Patience and perseverance give us peace of mind which in turn provides us with greater health and wholeness physically, mentally, and emotionally. We learn and develop the ability to stay with something, mindfully, long enough for it to be made manifest. We learn to develop emotional strength, balance and maturity. We are investing in our ability to create the life of our dreams. With a peaceful mind and willingness to participate in our expression of life on Earth, we are on our way to discovering our purpose and service to the world.

If you were asked,” What would you like to invest in, your dreams or your fears?”

What would you choose?

You have the power of that choice with every conscious thought. Invest wisely 🙂