How many times can we say ‘” Leave me alone,” before we find ourselves totally alone. Words have power especially when fueled by intense emotion. If we say with great anger,” Just leave me alone!” it should come as no surprise when we find ourselves in the very state we have so fervently asked for.

Still, some how, we are perplexed, sad and confused when we find ourselves alone.

Time to Remember:

We have successfully created the situation we asked for. Did we forget what we asked for it? Did we forget we created it, even demanded it? Did we forget how powerful we are in creating our reality? It is time to remember.

Wait a Moment:

We are beginning to remember how powerful we are at creating our reality. Let us give ourselves the gift of time, even if it is but a moment, before we speak out loud. Allow our thoughts to become something we are truly aware of. If our thoughts are hurtful,vengeful, jealous, mean or filled with our pain, we can choose to step back. We can work it out and organize our thoughts in a more loving manner.

Wild, low vibrating thoughts have a detrimental effect on us, those around us and our own physical bodies. Conversations that mislead others, deliver empty promises or are engaged in gossip are like drinking poison. Not healthy and not a good expenditure of time. The end result never delivers satisfaction or happiness.

When we practice the skill of raising the vibration of our thoughts with intent to understand what is happening, we will find the natural flow of love touching our every thought quicker than ever before. If, on the other hand, we have something to say to someone that we know in your hearts will be helpful yet choose to remain silent, we may want to ask ourselves why. Why withhold love?

It is time to remember that the powerful gift of creating our lives comes with responsibility. It is time to choose consciously what we would like our reality to be. We must think about what we say before we say it. Simply holding negative thoughts in, is not the answer. It is debilitating to allow negative thoughts to spin in the mind uncontrollably. We must learn to be masterful enough to move our energy responsibly. We can choose to breath, walk, sing, dance through our anger, pain, confusion or whatever it may be before letting words fly like powerful arrows of fire into the air creating waves of change we may not want.

Share the Magic of Love and Good Will:

Sharing words of hope, love and encouragement go a long way. We never really know what another person is going through. We may be the instrument of healing without even knowing it. Be willing to uplift, inspire, encourage, comfort and motivate. The flow of such high vibrational energy works both ways. When we are able to share in this way with others we are likely embracing loving thoughts about ourselves. To align with healthy self-love and self-acceptance cultivates inner peace making us wonderful receptors of divinely inspired thought. If we are entertaining negative self talk it will be very difficult to share thoughts that inspire those around us. Allowing love to flow to us and through us makes sharing the magic of love and good Will natural and effortless.

Words of Buddha:

If it is not truthful and not helpful, don’t say it.
If it is truthful and not helpful, don’t say it.
If it is not truthful and helpful, don’t say it.
If it is truthful and helpful, wait for the right time.    Buddha

Self Mastery

Living consciously with self mastery includes an awareness of words spoken and unspoken. Self mastery embraces the responsibility we have in what we say, what thoughts we choose to entertain and what we choose to do. The more we step into our personal power the more we reduce our stress and find the wellspring of inner peace. We discover the strength and courage to be who we are knowing we have the power of choice moment by moment. Healing our wounded self is within our reach. As we heal ourselves we heal those around us. Let us take a moment before we speak and realize what we are thinking.

Remember the words of Buddha and decide if what you have to say is timely, helpful and true. Now is the time to remember we are actively creating our lives. In this remembrance, let us come together within ourselves and as a collective to create consciously with love, kindness, and good Will.

May you feel the power of love flowing to you and through you to everyone and everything around you:)

love, Astara