Have you ever wondered what constitutes perfect timing? Have you had those days where everything seemed to go even better than you could have imagined?  It is wonderful. We can feel the magic in the air. When this happens we are in the flow.

There is a deep inner sense within that guides us to experience right time, right place, and  right action. Much of this has to do with the harmonious communication between our masculine/Spirit and feminine/Will aspects. When we are able to bring thought and feeling into a unified expression we find ourselves experiencing Divine timing. We are in the flow when we have unconditional Self-Acceptance and are then naturally aligned with the Divine. Expressing through an open heart with ample heart essence has us vibrating with peace, patience, trust and a growing excitement for life itself. This in turn draws more of the same into our reality. What is vibrating within us is reflected back to us in our everyday life.

In the Right Place we are with those who love and accept us for who we are. It is effortless for us to love and accept them as well. There is an unspoken sense of support given and received. There is an understanding and feeling of belonging. No longer an outsider. Right Time is arriving at destinations that feel good and unfold in ways that offer us opportunities, surprise meetings, or sometimes simply a wide open path with no obstacles and a great parking space. Never underestimate the nature of Right time. 🙂

When we push the envelope, feeling anxious and impatient or overly aggressive we arrive ahead of ourselves and miss an opportunity simply because it has not unfolded yet or we have pushed past an opportunity to learn something vital to the situation at hand.  If we hold back, drag our feet, spin in doubt we can again miss Divine Timing by arriving at the corssroads of opportunity to late or not at all. Both of these signal a lack of faith in the self and the Divine.

Acknowledge our fluid nature:

There is a fluid nature to living on planet earth that many have yet to embrace. The structures we set up by our limited thinking and repressed emotions has us literally boxed in. The endless flow of energy is confined and defined by these very structures. So how do we really break down the walls that keep us from experiencing Right Place, Right Time and Right Action?  How do we align with Divine Timing?

Remain open to the miracles and messages:

To live life in this manner is not as far away as you might think. Step by step we can choose to release our old emotional charge that keeps us distant from the divine impulse that calls for our attention daily. We could then choose to still our minds enough to listen to the quiet inner voice and then follow through with the guidance we have received. It does take practice and perseverance. If you truly intend to align with  Divine Timing to experience finding yourself in the right place at the right time you most certainly will. Magic and miracles  are happening all around us all the time. Your dreams could hold valuable information and even impart answers to questions you may have. We simply have to clear ourselves enough to be aware of miracles and messages whenever and however they present themselves.

May you be blessed with Divine Timing and the ability to recognize magic and miracles with gratitude. love, Astara