Excerpt from upcoming book:

Conscious Mastery® A Soulful Approach to Wholeness

Guilt, the unseen dictator, is affecting and infecting many lives. It wields tremendous power in these times and I wonder if people really understand how much of their power to decide and to act is taken over by the power of guilt. Too often I hear people say, “I feel guilty about …” as if it is natural and all right. Many feel guilt will keep them in line adopting the illusion that guilt provides one with a good conscience. If we are accepting all of our self and have an open and loving heart there is no room for guilt and no need.

Guilt has the power to suppress emotions, strengthening judgments and denial because we are both listening to and believing the voice of guilt. Here again a lack of self-acceptance and healthy self-love is a gateway to dark slow vibrating energies. Denial, judgment and guilt work in concert to diminish power and hasten death. It is not just the physical death I refer to, it is the death of dreams, hope, love, kindness, joy, happiness, and everything else that makes living on Earth the journey it was intended to be.

Guilt exists in part because we give it our attention. It is our attention that provides the flow of energy giving guilt a voice to use in the process of manipulating ones life. Remember energy flows where attention goes. Like denial, the voice of guilt is as powerful as you allow it to be.

The more power given over in this way, the less power you have to live life by conscious design which includes choosing wisely and taking action appropriately. Like denial, guilt comes into being with the lack of acceptance for our self and our life. Guilt will vanish when one truly and totally accepts oneself for who they really are. In order for this to happen we must release the judgment and allow the movement of suppressed emotions that have been so long denied.

Regain your personal power. Liberation is possible. You make it so.