The separation between the life many people live and the life they desire has become topic of conversation with the Cosmic Laws: Law of Attraction and Law of Abundance leading the way. As people awaken from the deep sleep of living life unconsciously many are truly wondering and wanting to know how to close this gap that separates them from the life of their dreams.

A lack of self-acceptance has created a gap between our creator and our self. The infinite wisdom of the Divine would shed light upon our consciousness giving us knowledge and understanding about the truth of our own divinity. Too many people feel unworthy of a life filled with health, love and prosperity. Hidden beliefs keep the cycle of lack moving and expressing through their lives. The mind in its most active conscious state may disagree with the hidden beliefs, but it is the beliefs themselves that make their reflection known to us in outer reality.

Self Discovery Exercise

Look at what life reflects back to you. Make a list of all the things you are aware of that you truly love and a list of the things you would change in a heart beat if you had a magic wand. Be honest and objective. Create a road map to your hidden beliefs by looking at your list and discovering what the underlying energy is telling you.

What areas of your life are prosperous or lacking? Where is the greatest love felt and shared? What brings you happiness? What drains your energy? How do you spend your free time? Do you have free time? What are your interests? Do you feel fulfilled in any or all of them? These are a few examples of questions that help with this self-discovery exercise.

Living life abundantly can mean abundance of any kind and too many people are abundant in the things they do not want or desire such as abundant stress, lack and anxiety. The focus is on everything they don’t like or don’t have. Many pray for abundance yet find it imperceptible. While visualizing or praying for the hearts desire most people quickly find themselves in the gap that separates them from true Source and personal power. In the gap guilt, denial, doubt and fear are constant companions. It is near impossible to manifest our hearts desire while we are sitting in the dark and widening the gap with more of our own fear and doubt. This is where we will manifest abundant fear, doubt, stress and all the attributes we are attempting to rise above.

Closing the Gap

To close the gap that separates us from true Source and the ability to manifest what we do desire we must spend some time in our own heart center. Here we can begin to feel what needs to be felt and quiet ourselves enough to hear the wise guidance that will assist us in learning to accept our lives and ourselves just as we are right now so we may begin in earnest to make the changes we consciously desire. Without unconditional acceptance change for the better is always met with reversals sooner or later because the core of true sustainable change is in the acceptance of “what is” right now.

Unconditional Self Acceptance

When we truly embrace unconditional self-acceptance for who we are and the life we have created real sustainable change becomes possible. Shifting our vibration and closing the gap is more than a mental exercise. It is something that must be felt. Feel what it feels like to hold your space open long enough for your prayers and desires to find you and manifest rather than collapse into the darkness with negative self talk and more lack. Practice having faith and being honest with your feelings. In the heart center there is a calm that allows clarity during times of challenge and change.

Sound Track

Here is a sound track that can help you remember to Hold Your Space . May you be blessed with the Abundance of your hearts desire. Love Astara