Self-acceptance is the ability to lovingly receive and be all that you are with grace. “All that you are” is the sum total of all the gifts given to you by your Creator, Mother/Father God. It is the expression of your physical self, the light of your spirit, the love of your soul, the sweetness of your heart expressing on earth as the individual you know as yourself. You arrived on earth to be all that you are. Nothing more nothing less.

Love Thyself Just as You Are:

As sound as it may seem or as easy as it may sound, living and loving yourself with complete acceptance is rare. The moment we begin finding fault with our body, holding back our true feelings, disguising our true nature and so on we have lost the alignment of true self-acceptance. With this lost alignment we grow to become something we are not. An entire string of events occur that will continue to take us further from our destiny and our true self unless they are seen for the opportunity for growth that they really are. Most people see it as bad luck when in fact it is an opportunity to regain our lost alignment.

Self-Acceptance and Integrity:

Integrity is the state of being whole and undivided. Where there is a lack of acceptance for the self there is a lack of integrity within the true self. One cannot be whole when they love, care for or nurture only parts of themselves. A lack of acceptance creates a weakening in the overall energy field. The three heavy weights: denial, judgment and guilt along with a big dose of fear will penetrate the weak spots and begin the process of weighing heavy upon the body, mind, spirit and soul. This begins to fragment the true self. The God given internal guidance system becomes dysfunctional right along with ones emotional expression. The individual’s life experience becomes heavy making them feel every bit the slave or prisoner to the demands of the invisible forces of denial, judgment and guilt.

Little by Little:

Similar to any addiction, this usually happens in small increments. Little by little, relatively unnoticed, one loses more of their true self as they find fault with who they are. The thought of not being enough begins to etch away at the integrity of their very wholeness. People create or adopt a persona that they believe to be better than their true self and may in some way make them feel safe. They will choose to believe in the illusion hoping to find acceptance from the world and others. This really cannot happen when self-acceptance is lacking. A vibrational match for a lack of acceptance is what will present itself sooner or later.

Remember Who You Are:

People carry a quiet hope that being something other than who they are will get them something or somewhere. Anything achieved in this way cannot last simply because the foundation is based on a false representation of the self. Through the veil of forgetfulness people grow unaware of the fact that they are not who they really are. However, in these fast paced changing times the true self begins to stretch, nudge and grow impatient. Many people are feeling it and hearing the call. Questions arise that inspire many people to look for answers. Questions like: “ Who am I really? What am I doing with my life?” Why am I so unhappy?” Look within. The answers are waiting for you there. Statements such as “ I know I am so much more.” “I can do better than this.” begin to surface. As uncomfortable as it may be it is really a very good sign. It is the awakening. Are you feeling the wake up call to remember who you are?

Don’t Fade Away:

Don’t fade away becoming more of something you are not. Begin the art of accepting and loving yourself just as you are today and let that love grow. You will discover you have always been enough; you are wonderful and beautifully unique. You are a divine child of a most loving creator. We are experiencing spiritual awakening, spiritual awareness and transformation on every level individually and collectively.

Trust in Love:

See your beauty

Shine your light

Step fully into your physical body

Merge- become whole again

Emerge- come into view

This is the best and most important thing you can do! 🙂

love and light