Spiritual awakening brings the dawning of greater truth. The veils of illusion begin to thin and our denials begin to make themselves known to us. The process of spiritual empowerment is seeing things as they are. Most people turn away from what is being revealed because it is not what they like or want to see and it most likely comes with a few ideas for change. Do not turn away. If you resist the opportunity for spiritual growth you will be presented with another situation or circumstance that will be of greater intensity designed to get your attention. We do not have to take down the brick wall with our head.

Nothing is Gone Just Because You Deny It’s Existence:

If you thought denial would protect you from harm or from feelings you don’t like or don’t want to have you are mistaken. In truth it is quite the opposite. Everything you deny is simply hiding in the dark waiting for the opportunity to express. Our outer reality will always reflect our inner reality. Whatever you are holding in the form of denials or judgments will bring a vibratory match. Remember, we are always creating our reality. Some are creating by default which is denial attracting more of itself.  The repressed energy is seeking balance and brings experiences that often have people saying, “How did that happen? Why do I always get into bad relationships, Why do people always take advantage of me?” and so on.

We Are Always Creating:

We have created the patterns being played out in our life. If we are happy with everything that is our life we have done a very good job of clearing old emotional charge and we are current in our energy bodies. If one is experiencing a life that reflects lack and unhappiness chances are they have separated themselves from true Source through denial. If the same pattern is being played out over and over it is a clear indicator we did not learn the lesson that comes with the experience. As the person continues to attract more of the same the intensity of the experience grows. Outer reality is a giant mirror for all that we hold within us. If you have no idea what you may be denying all you have to do is look at your own life. Everything we are denying and all the ways we have grown can be discovered by looking honestly at our self, our body/health, our relationships, our work, absolutely everything that makes up our life. Are you a fraction of your true self? Are you magnetizing or attracting more of what you don’t want than what you desire? What are you attracted to? Do you feel whole and connected with Source and with others or do you feel isolated?

Being Someone You Are Not:

Being someone other than our selves is a sad by product of denial. Some people make themselves small so others can be comfortable around them. Others puff themselves up to show a false sense of superiority. Others lose themselves and adopt a false image in hopes of gaining something like a job, popularity or romance. Anything ill gotten by falsely representing oneself will sooner or later fall apart. Some of the false images are developed by unconscious patterns of denial, fear and lack. Some do it consciously believing in some way that they will get what they want.  The truth always comes to the surface and when it does a foundation built on denial and falsehood will give way. It doesn’t matter if it is conscious or unconscious, energy vibrations do not lie and a match will be made.

Anyone who would prefer you to deny yourself, to be someone you are not, in favor of them does not have your best interest at heart. If you comply with a false representation of who you are, what you feel and think you don’t have your best interest at heart either. A lack of acceptance for the self is the gateway of denial. This path has many becoming the victim, tyrant or swinging between both polarities depending upon where they are and/or who they are with. Manipulation and overpowering can only take place through an avenue where one is not accepting their self and/or their experience on some level. This is unstable, unhappy and unnecessary. No one can control or manipulate you if you are whole. When you accept all of yourself without judgment whether you like what you see or not the process of closing the gap of separation between the self and Source begins. Old patterns of behavior will end when the lesson is learned and denial is no more. Self-acceptance is an essential to dismantle the power of denial.

Trust Yourself ~ Create Desired Change:

Know that where you are right now and who you have become right now is the only place to begin. Your life is an expression of what you have created so far. If you do not like what you have created do what it takes to create something better. Spiritual growth depends upon our participation. Self-help is a term used to indicate one will help them self on the path of personal growth and this is exactly what creates sustainable change. We can read, gain knowledge and tools but we must use them. We must begin to feel honest feelings and reconnect with our own internal guidance system that has been lost to us through the gateway of denial.

Love and accept yourself as you begin to see more of the truth. Be kind to yourself as you become aware of the things that need to change and call for your attention. It has been said many times and it is absolutely true, “The Truth Will Set You Free!” Where there is denial there is guilt and judgment all of which diminish personal power and etch away at any possibility of being whole, healthy and true. If you have denied much of who you are regardless of the reason you are most likely attracting more of what you do not want than what you do. Spiritual healing is a conscious choice and conscious breath away.

Are You Supported in Your Growth?

Like many, you may be growing and seeing things like never before. Are you being supported in your growth? Are you coming face to face with those who prefer that you remain the same and take every opportunity to squelch your growth, your new-found or newly remembered dreams, talents and hope? If they say they love you and still dampen your spirit for change it is not love that is speaking, it is fear. The opposition can be family, friends or co-workers. If they call you selfish for taking your life back into your own hands who is the selfish one, you or the one who is taking the wind out of your sail? The opposition could be strong enough when applied consistently to break your momentum for change and growth. Think about it?

It is your life after all and one of our missions in this life is to grow and remember who we really are as well as become all that. Love yourself enough to distance yourself from the opposition at least until such time that you are strong in your new foundation of liberated Will and Spirit and  capable of knowing what you desire and standing up for yourself. Give yourself space and time to gain a new and clear perspective of the situation, yourself and your life. Be who you are; not someone’s idea of who you are or should be. You will attract like minded others who will support your growth.

Free Yourself:

Bring an end to denial. Accept yourself and your life. Free yourself enough to fund a Will that will give you enough personal power to make the changes necessary for your growth. Free your Spirit enough to light the way! You can do this. One step at a time takes you somewhere. You are not alone! Decide. Where are You going? 🙂

Peace, Love and Freedom,