We are walking into new times. It will do us little good to attempt to compare what was with what is. We must be open and truthful with ourselves. In this way we can do what it takes to free our energy, free our Will and our Spirit. We can and will experience what it is to be truly free and current in our field of energy. Imagine flowing with life as opposed to pent-up, restrained and blocked. Imagine making choices based on true feelings as opposed to old patterns of behavior or the overwhelming demands of others.

Become Current:

When we are present, honest and current in our energy we will find our Divine Guidance System operational. We will know where to go and when. This will be experienced on small and large scales alike. Being in the flow guides us perfectly toward rest and action. Learn to free yourself enough to allow your current of energy to flow unburdened and unimpeded. When your “current” is current you are free to choose that which resonates true in your heart. Now that is freedom my friend. That is really experiencing the present moment, the now.

Spiritual Warrior Within:

Please do not assume you are experiencing the present moment fully when you engage in pushing away or denying the feelings of the moment that you do not like. It may make for a temporary “feel good” time but what you have not acknowledged will return to your consciousness again and again until you come to face it like the spiritual warrior.

The spiritual warrior within greets you when you have grown enough to experience spiritual awakening, conscious living and expanded awareness. This aspect of yourself is aligned with peace and truth. The spiritual warrior within is not afraid to look fear in the face and feel what needs to be felt in order to grow, learn, expand in his/her understanding and free his/her soul from the ravages of denied expression/emotion that weigh far to heavy to be light or enlightened. Embrace the spiritual warrior within. Live life with courage enough to be real. Be honest with yourself first and foremost because then being honest with others is effortless and the delivery exudes grace.

Tune In, Your Inner Voice is Calling:

When we have attuned ourselves to the sweet inner voice, our heart sings of Divine Order, and Divine Timing. The beauty is that life is always a mystery unfolding. It is the connection to Source, being in the flow of higher consciousness that makes our ordinary days feel extraordinary. Life is a gift, let go of all that ails you. Open to the present and live fully.

So how do I begin?

Give Freedom a Chance:

Allow yourself to do what ever a situation calls for giving freedom a chance to work for you rather than adhering to the limitations and control of judgment, denial, guilt and all the other common energy drains we have adhered to, to date. Allow your true feelings to show you the way. It takes practice because sad as it may seem, we have not been taught or even encouraged to speak the truth of our heart. We have been taught to speak politically correct or use polite avoidance or tell white lies.

This is not freedom nor courage. It is the old way that no longer works for anyone, least of all you. These tactics are just another way to side step the truth or in other words, mislead and “lie” to yourself and others.

With practice we become skilled and comfortable with the truth as we currently know it. The more we practice being honest the more the truth is shared with a softness that allows the other parties ample opportunity to absorb and respect what you are presenting as truth whether they agree or not. It also affords you the ability show respect and accept what they express as truth whether you agree or not.

As in the words of Ben Franklin~” One today is worth two tomorrow’s.”

So I ask, ” What are you waiting for?

Expanding Truth:

As we grow in our ability to understand ourselves and our immediate environment, the truth offers more of herself. Allow the truth to expand as your consciousness expands. The truth can give only as much as one has readiness to receive. If you find you have outgrown what you thought or knew to be true let it go. It does not mean it was not true then. It simply means you are capable of understanding and embracing more of the truth. Please do not stunt your progress by blindly and stubbornly holding on to a truth that no longer fits your expanding reality. Grow with it. Allow yourself to soar to new heights of understanding and expressing love.

When we express freely we are able to call forth the reality we desire. A new way will be created and a door will open where one did not exist before you needed it. Stay open, receptive and listen to your inner guidance. Magic is in the air.

And the World Keeps Turning:

As small or as big as you may think yourself to be, know well we all make a difference. Every choice you make has an effect on life in general and your life specifically. If life has offered you opportunity for growth in the form of a curve ball or a shock do not attempt to put it back the way it was. You will have missed a golden opportunity and many unseen gifts that are sure to spring forth from the new life waiting and wanting to greet you. Remember the spiritual warrior within and breath life into this aspect of you.

If your opportunity for growth comes as subtle hints, gut feelings or urges that implore you to stretch out and take a chance on something new, seize the moment, take the chance to move out of your comfort zone. These are signs that you have outgrown the “zone”. If fear steps in to slow you down or paralyze you with doubts and limitations remember the spiritual warrior within and face the challenge of creating change with courage.

Sometimes people mistake excitement for fear.  🙂

Growth is exciting, unnerving and mysterious. How lucky for us!

Live Life Whole Happy and Free!