Before transformation comes the process of transmutation also referred to as initiation or alchemy. In essence it is the change that creates a sustainable shift in frequency from a lower vibration to a higher more conscious, compassionate and self empowered vibration.

Our emotions are so powerful they can and will create change. They can be explosive, passionate, watery, scattered, chaotic, peaceful and on and on it goes. We are expressing our elemental self: fire, water, earth and air. Transmutation occurs to assist us in purifying our energy. The process is removing the dross and allowing us to rise up and be the light so we may gracefully walk this life as a being of love, joy, compassion and understanding.

Feel What is Real:

Let go and feel what you need to feel in the moment, nothing more nothing less. It is not about getting stuck in the spin of emotions or refusing them the right to move and express. It is about letting them flow free enough to evolve into a higher vibrational state. Be responsible for your emotions. Be responsible for your thoughts and feelings and you will grow ever brighter.

As you express your elemental self you will not burst into flames, you will not blow away, you will not drown in your own tears nor will you be buried beneath your burdens. However, as you bring to an end that which no longer serves you there is a death of the old. The old way has so many feeling burned out, washed up, washed out, heavy and bogged down with worried, scattered and tattered. This must move out. The time is now to free yourself from debilitating repressed emotions that vibrate unhealthy patterns of behavior.

Walk through the fire, cry a thousand tears, let your voice rise up and bring the earth near.

Walk in nature, pay attention to your breath, care for your body you are experiencing a death.

The death of the old makes way for the new. When the old has been released you will discover more of you.

More pure, more real, more light, more true, more passionate, and more loving.

Then just when you think life is the best it can be, you rise up to ride the next wave of being free.

Let go. Feel what you need to feel in this moment~nothing more and nothing less and so it goes… each time you transmute the old you live more authentically. The transformation reveals the beauty that you are and have always been. The passage of initiation becomes more graceful each time we consciously make our way closer to the heart center, liberating our emotions and naturally aligning with Source.

We regain what was lost when we shed what is dross.

Transmuting the poisons we have collected in our life may not be easy but it is far easier than living with it. It can be poisonous thoughts, eating habits, vices or the poison that comes with repressing true emotions which eventually leaches into the physical body resulting in disease. Most often it is all of them as one thing tends to lead to another.

And as one thing leads to another, the process of transmuting the old and truly experiencing a transformation leads to healthy lifestyle choices, greater peace, abundance, happiness and joy. The deep change is measurably seen in your outer reality. The shifts and changes that occur may take a little time to fully unfold and stabilize but they are unmistakable. Many people begin to feel the magic again. You are the architect of your life. Create by design not by default. There is no personal power in creating by default.

Many people fear what they might lose in the process of change. You lose nothing that is real, sustainable and life enhancing. You lose everything that stands in the way of the best life ever. You lose false images of yourself and regain the true you.

Benefits of Experience:

When we clear ourselves of old emotional charge, judgments and guilt through the process of transmuting and transforming our energy to a higher loving vibration, our past experiences no longer carry the weight of regret and pain. We openly receive the knowledge that came with the experiences and embrace the lessons learned. We feel strength and courage to speak more of our truth in a kind manner and be more of who we truly are with each initiation. We grow in self confidence and self reliance. Our personal power becomes more than mere words and healthy self love becomes us.

The Well-Spring of Wisdom:

You will know you are free from the past when the past is a well spring of wisdom for you to draw upon and no longer a stagnant pool of despair and forgotten dreams. You will not turn back to the old way of being but will look at the present with new eyes of appreciation and toward the future with hope and good will. This is the path of awakening that is greeting us all whether we want it to or not. We are being called to be true to ourselves and each other. Why not approach your spiritual growth with a level of consciousness that makes the passage of initiation light with understanding and graceful. Trust in the process and trust in yourself. You can be the change you seek. If we all did that the world would reflect our own inner peace, love and joy.

Isn’t it time for you to live life with more grace, love and consciousness than ever before? If you need a helping hand give me a call or seek a trusted friend or another facilitator to assist you until you are ready to walk the path of self discovery on your own. As the changes in your life become obvious some one may come to you for a steady hand. We are all growing and awakening at different times and at different rates but growing non the less. Be patient with yourself. Ask for help when you need it. Be patient with others. As the process of transmutation and transformation continues love grows unimpeded and magic happens!

Be the love you seek and it will find you 🙂

many blessings

Always, Astara