I don’t know a tender soul Who ever instantly benefited from

An acid bath, a caustic whipping from a cruel tongue

The ranting of a cruel one creates hardship without a thought
When a kind word would have brought…

Now tender soul broken and battered
must travel deep within to remember what mattered.

tender soul

Like days of old when tales were told
of a right of passage
If they discover the treasure Is to love beyond all measure
They rise from the fire with a burning desire
to love

For what is the purpose of myths if not to alert the tender soul
If not to let him know That love and courage will make him whole.

Some tender souls do not survive
too soon they have departed
cruel ones creating more cruel ones
by breaking the tender hearted

Love is the path that will bring the victory,
the liberation the supply
Cruelty is the lie
Let not one more tender soul die

Think twice even thrice
Allow only love to pass the boundary of thy lips.