Hello Everyone

Yes, we are moving quickly to the end of another year and another decade.

As one of my artist friends pointed out; we are entering the 20’s! A century ago it was the age of dramatic social change, many living in cities rather than farms. It was a time of economic growth and widespread prosperity, (driven by recovery of wartime devastation). It was the The Age of Intolerance, (Let’s NOT repeat this… ) The Jazz Age, and The Age of Wonderful Nonsense. A lot has happened in 100 years and in too many ways not much has changed.

As we move into the 20’s once again whether or not they roar and just how they roar is up to us!

New Year Resolution’s are an interesting phenomena. It is a person’s perception; what the senses or the mind notice that needs attention, change or an upgrade of some sort. Taking time for a life review is so much more than nostalgic. It is the awareness of achievements and failures, loves and losses and so on. I believe it is fair to say that failure isn’t failure if you get yourself up and give life another go.”Affairs of the Heart” are rich learning fields. For me personally, Affairs of the Heart” have held top priority all my life second to none. So when I say “Affairs of the Heart” are the most challenging, it’s because that is what I experienced. You may have a very different view.  Life is unique and different for everyone yet, with many common threads.

This brings me to New Years Resolutions. Last year I wrote one word that would bring me to what I envisioned as a grand improvement in my life. The word was “Balance.” I wrote it and placed in a prominent place in my studio. Every time I saw that one word I would scan my day, my week and ask myself, ” Am I in Balance? ”  Balance to me meant “work-life” balance. It included play, rest, exercise, socializing, creativity, helpful service etc. If the answer was ” yes” I carried on. If the answer was ” no” I made subtle changes. After nearly a year I will tell you my life has shifted into balance in a significant way. Subtle, consistent little changes add up to create big change without drama.

My personal 2020 Resolution word will be “Flow”

After reviewing your year or your life, I challenge you to find a word that resonates with you. One that encourages you to make those little changes through out the year making it a Fabulous “Roaring” 2020 for you and others.

If you feel moved to share your “word” please do so in the comment section. Your word may be the perfect word for someone else, thus sharing your brilliance with another.

May your New Year be blessed with Tolerance rather than intolerance,

Copious amounts of Wonderful Nonsense and All that Jazz

Thank you for visiting Conscious Master, Love Astara