One day you may wake up and realize that things just don’t feel good or feel right to you anymore. If that is where you are question everything. Leave no stone unturned. If change is already upon you question everything. If there is some area of your life that you immediately think, “oh that is without question” question it. Leave no stone unturned.

Fresh Outlook:

You may discover that what you thought is and was still is. The beauty of having the courage to question it brings you to know it anew rather than assumed or defended. Knowing something anew is akin to adding fresh air to that area of your life with a newly expanded appreciation and awareness. The situation in question has been given your loving thoughtful attention. Through the avenue of open exploration, seeking only the truth in its purest form, our feelings are refreshed, renewed and expanded. The situation is no longer blindly assumed or perhaps even stale, longing for some loving attention, but vibrant with a fresh outlook. Leave no stone unturned. You won’t know where it will take you until you explore and experience it.

Have you outgrown your life?

On the other hand you may discover “that which was without question” really isn’t what it used to be for you anymore. The exploration and the feelings that rise up are revealing an awareness that much has changed and this part of your life “that is without question” suddenly no longer resonates with who you are. It no longer fits.

Maybe you really didn’t want to look at that possibility and so in the process of self-discovery decided to skim over that part of your life by posturing the assumption that “ it is without question”. The time of wearing rose-colored glasses and ignoring any area of our life no matter how big or small is truly over.

Move with the Changes:

Change is not going away. Perhaps the better way to move with the changes is to really move with the changes. Resistance has proven itself to be the greatest burden carried into the process of change. Let go. Resistance to change has also proven itself to be the great magnifier of pain and suffering. Let go.

Change brings with it an opportunity to put our lives together in a new way. Many who fear and resist change make the mistake of attempting to put the pieces of their life back in the old same way.  If that is the choice that is made the results are predictable. The pattern that brought the necessity for change in the first place will be repeated and relived.

Personal Growth Needs Space:

Instead leave room open for personal growth. Take time to discover what you truly desire to experience in this life. You are worth the investment. Expand your mind and imagine the unlimited possibilities that exist for you to create the best life ever. Feel everything and remain open for the highest outcome to find you awake, at peace and receptive. The joy of life on earth is a grand adventure. Question everything leave no stone unturned. Feel what needs to be felt, trust your inner knowing and your divine nature that longs to emerge. Enjoy the greatest gift given to us all, life itself. Love, Astara