Seeds of Thought:  Part 1 of a 4 Part series

Within any seed lies the potential for great beauty, great strength and wisdom. All it needs is proper nurturing for it to burst forth in divine time and splendor.

Ponder, contemplate, nurture and discover more. Teachings are guidelines that assist us on the journey of finding our own way, our own heart, and our own true deep connection to All That Is. Recognition brings ignition. Once ignited, we can then lighten up just a little more.

Seed #1-The Body:

The body is sometimes called the temple of God. This gives us an idea of its great importance. To care for the body is to listen to its needs and then provide the body with those needs in a timely and kind fashion. To care for the body is to say, “Thank-you, I appreciate this amazing vehicle you have given me Mother/Father God and because you dwell within me I will provide you with my open heart and a  healthy temple to the best of my current ability.” Caring for our body speaks of gratitude and appreciation to our Creator without uttering a single word.

The time has come for us to remember the healer that dwells within and begin the process of trusting in that innate power to maintain the health of our body or heal our body if we wake up and discover it is not well. When we are no longer hiding from others or ourselves an attitude of openness and acceptance begins the process of healing our mind, spirit, soul and our physical body. We have everything within us to heal ourselves and become whole if we allow it. When we quiet ourselves enough to listen to the needs of the body we begin to discover much about who we are and what brings us the joy we were born to experience.

Many people feel unloved and uneasy in their own skin. This feeling sends an unloving message to the body. The body eventually feels this lost alignment and begins to break down. The truth is love has never abandoned us. We have blocked the flow of love from reaching us for a variety of reasons and many of these reasons are not recognized consciously. Caring for the body is one way to open and receive the never-ending flow of love that contains vitality and inspiration.  Quieting the mind with meditation provides a way for us to get in touch with our quiet inner voice and the voice of the body and its needs. Aligning with Mother/Father God, who resides within us, will always impart the perfect wisdom for the health of this amazing physical vehicle we have the privilege of caring for.

Everything is consciousness and as we grow we begin to realize the body has a consciousness too. Healthy self-love will always guide us to the best nutrition and exercise. In this loving alignment you will discover the joy of caring for your body has replaced the resistance. The unconscious abuse is replaced by a conscious desire to provide the best conditions for the body.

Natural balance is the guiding light for optimal health in all areas of life. When we seek balance we know intuitively when it is time to rest and when it is time for activity. Our physical body is the most recognizable of the bodies we have but we must include balance and wellness in our emotional, mental and ethereal (spiritual) bodies as well.

When we ignore the inner promptings we will experience exhaustion, ill health, pain, stress and depression. This happens when we force ourselves to move ahead when we need rest or find ourselves so bogged down we cannot move at all due to an over load mentally, emotionally, and/or  through poor nutrition and lack of exercise.  None of this is the natural state of our mental, emotional, or physical body. These experiences are loud calls from the body that inform the individual that he or she is out of alignment with Source and therefore out of alignment with the Self. It is time to get in touch with all that you are and that includes your body.

Make Friends with Your body:

When was that last time you had a conversation with your body? I am not referring to talking about your body but rather “to” the consciousness of your body. Have you ever thanked your body for making this adventure on earth possible? Have you ever asked your body what it would like to maintain health? Have you ever asked a body pain what it is trying to tell you? If you have, did you wait long enough to hear a response? If you did, did you follow through with the inspired message? If so, well then you know exactly what I am talking about. You have connected with the inner healer and the voice of the body.

The power to heal is within us. If all this is foreign to you I would like to suggest that you slowly begin to connect with your body. This intimate connection of asking, listening and following through on the inspired thoughts that come, sends messages of love to your body. This is vital for overall health and total wellness.

Conversely, talking badly about your body or to your body, sending messages of disgust and hate is very debilitating and will result in a breakdown of the very vehicle that makes living on earth possible. Please stop hating your waistline, your nose, your ears or whatever you happen to fixate upon seeing it as less than perfect or beautiful. Your body is an intricate whole system. We must love all parts that make up the whole of it. Don’t wait until something serious happens before you appreciate what you have now. It is time to do away with the constant scrutiny of ones body wishing or hoping for some unrealistic perfection brought about by the pressures of society and airbrushing.

Regardless of where these pressures come from they are only as effective and real as you make them. Stop buying into the illusion that makes you feel so much less than you really are. Begin to see your body for the amazing creation that it truly is. If you find your body in poor condition remember you can change that one step at a time. We all have an inner healer ready and waiting to help guide us. Call upon yours in a loving way and allow yourself to embrace the new thoughts and directions that come into your open and receptive mind. The body temple is resilient and responses to love and kind attention in a very positive manner. Do you love and appreciate your body? If you do then you will be happy to take great care of it. If you haven’t taken the time to think about whether or not you do, now is the time. If you are careless or harsh to your body, it is time to stop. I hope we all come to realize that love and care is the way to a healthy body and a happy lifestyle. Love thyself and that includes your body .

To Live Life Whole Happy and Free~ You have to take care of you!

in the spirit of peace and total wellness.