We may well discover that in order to find the fear we have denied we might need to look under one of its disguises. The most common disguise is anger. If one roars loud enough the fear can remain well hidden. The fuel for such unnecessary outbursts of anger is usually fear.

Intend to see the truth:

With true intent to consciously face our fears we begin to recognize and acknowledge them, which in turn begins the process of dismantling the illusion most hidden and denied fears carry. Their movement will indeed bring new understandings. The revelation of who we are, what we believe, and the patterns we have created brings with it the opportunity to decide if we like what we have created thus far or if we are ready to make some real sustainable changes.

This awakening brings the opportunity to break down the old and begin anew. For some it may be intense liken to a jackhammer against granite; noisy, earthshaking or earth shattering. For others it may come slow like the waters that etch away at a crack in the dam. Then one day the dam breaks and the flood comes.

See the Signs:

When growth is knocking on the door of our heart there are always signs that arrive before a shocking occurrence. The question is whether we are awake enough to notice and if we notice do we pay attention. What is attempting revelation? If we pay attention do we proceed with appropriate action? We are always giving our attention to something. Too often it is given to meaningless distractions.

What are we so afraid of?

What are we so afraid of? Wouldn’t you really like to know what fears lay hidden within that keep you turning away from the growth that is ripe and waiting for your loving attention? When will it become apparent that ones own life is important to the whole of all life? It is then we can begin the process of taking care of what truly needs to be taken care of.

We are here to learn:

If we are here to learn anything, we are here to learn to love. We are to learn to love our self, learn to love one another, learn to see God in all things and everyone. And with all that learning we are to discover the ways to express this love. This requires our attention, our time and our desire to love and be loved taken to the next step of becoming responsible for our lives.

Facing our fears is an important step in becoming responsible for our own lives. We begin to grow in the understanding that we are all unique and at one with all of creation, simultaneously. With that understanding we begin to grow in the understanding that we are neither insignificant nor superior.

When we begin to pay attention to that which we fear we begin to free the fear by exposing it to the light of love. In this way we can learn what we came here to learn, to love, to be love and to express love. Fear has its own purpose. It gives us pause to review a choice we are about to make. Are we ready for such an experience, do we really want to have this experience? Is there some internal warning of danger or a signal of this not being the right time or right place for us?

Experience Life in the Now:

When fear flows unimpeded (no backlog of previously denied fear) in a current situation we begin to see that it is indeed an emotion with something to share. The experience many people have with fear is the untimely expression of denied fear, which is out of balance, or the inability to feel fear at all because it is heavily judged and expressing itself in ways that are hidden and confusing.

Freeing pent-up energy is vital to our health and the recovery of our personal power. Lighten up. Call in the vibration of light daily. Lets begin to see things as they truly are. Face your fears. Feel the freedom that follows. May you be blessed ~ Astara