Seeds of thought: Part 4 of a 4 part series

Within any seed lies the potential for great beauty, great strength and wisdom. All it needs is proper nurturing for it to burst forth in divine time and splendor.

Ponder, contemplate, nurture and discover more. Teachings are guidelines that assist us on the journey of finding our own way, our own heart, and our own true deep connection to All That Is. Recognition brings ignition. Once ignited, we can then lighten up just a little more.

Seed#4 : Expansion and Contraction

tides and the breath

Much like the tides come in and go out, our own expansion and contraction is a natural flow or pulse of life.

Inhale, we expand, exhale, we contract. Daily, we have subtle experiences of our energy expanding and contracting. Our attention and focus varying and shift throughout any given day. We see our life expand and contract weekly, monthly and yearly.

Contract: When contraction is natural timely and healthy it will be experienced in the form of retreat and rest. We allow our mind to rest as well as our body. To consciously feel the need for such time and adhere to these needs results in great strides in ones growth. Every spiritual warrior knows it takes courage and strength to retreat when the need has been made know to him or her. Contraction is the process that precedes birth. This can be the birth of new ideas, inspirations, renewed energy, birthing new projects or more of your authentic self as well as the birth of a child.

Expand: Expansion follows a time of contraction  (or retreat ) expanding our consciousness and improving the health of our bodies. As we expand our consciousness; opportunities, understandings and insights are illuminated. Love is growing and life is unfolding in wonderful ways. To be attuned to subtle energy keeps us in the flow, trusting as we go.

expanded viewA Bigger View:  From a larger scope, all of humanity has been contracting for a very long time resulting in increased denial, pain and suffering. The tides have changed and now expansion in our ability to perceive the truth and broaden our consciousness is upon us. Each individual has an opportunity to positively affect all of life during these changing times if they choose to open to the newly expanding energies currently being given to us.  It is time to give birth to more of who we truly are.

Expand our capacity to love and be loved: The physical world has no power over us unless we make ourselves dense by contracting our awareness, squeezing out love. This is not the natural contraction of rest or retreat but the debilitating contraction brought on by denial. The more an individual withdraws from love, prevents love from flowing through them or rejects love from others, the more dense and contracted the individual becomes. The denser the energy field of a person the deeper one goes into fear based mass consciousness. This painful contraction has many people obsessed with all things physical leaving little to no room for love, faith, trust and spiritual, soulful divine energies to expand. The more we expand in the vibration of love the greater our capacity to love and be loved.

The process of Expansion: Expansion is the process of being born into a new way of perceiving life. A higher vibration will bring new experiences, people and opportunities into our lives that match our new frequency. Life changes according to our vibration. When we accept the changes by flowing with them we can easily integrate and stabilize the new vibration. The more you love, the faster you vibrate. The faster you vibrate the less you feel the need to control anything outside of yourself. You become fearless during change and variety. Your experiences are deeper, more connected and loving. In a sense there is a slowing down that actually leads to rapid change. Time is not fixed but rather elusive when in the flow. There is always enough of it.

Enter the Contraction: Conscious releasing is entering into the contraction with intent to open space and give birth to more of who you truly are. Releasing old charge opens space for light and greater spiritual presence. We enter into the energies previously denied expression and movement due to misunderstanding, overwhelm and our inability to accept truthful feelings and experiences. This is a journey into the underworld of our own making. It has been designed by our adherence to denial, judgment and guilt. When diving into the “underworld” the feeling is unmistakably everything we have avoided.

As one moves into the contracted energy with intent to liberate oneself, acceptance is and must be your ally. Birthing more of all that you are will be more painful and take much longer than necessary if you find yourself fighting it, struggling with it or against it rather than surrendering to the flow. What we resist persists. The struggle only strengthens everything within that you are attempting to open and liberate. When entering into the contraction; breath, feel and open space as you let go of old wounds, memories, judgment and pain. Yield to the expansion process and trust that what you are giving birth to is more of the beautiful being you have always been. Spiritual awakening has begun. Spiritual awareness continues to expand our very being.

Healing way: When love and light enter where denial was, healing is occurring. Great understandings and expanding truth are made known to Man as he travels deep within. When the core of the contracted energy or pattern has ignited into the fullness of truth, reversals are no longer possible. This means you will not be repeating old patterns of behavior and creating the same old experiences. The expanding energy of light and love fill the opening created by it providing new perspectives, peace of mind and sense of purpose and belonging. Time is needed to tend, integrate and stabilize the new higher vibration. You will likely feel a slight contraction at this time. Honor the stillness; rest and retreat. Care for your newly expanded self ~ consciously. To do this is simple; eat light, drink water, write in your journal, be conscious of your conversations and entertainment. Keep them light and loving. 🙂

May you feel, honor and understand the natural flow of expansion and contraction and

                                       Live Life Whole, Happy, and Free!

love, Astara