Let Go Let GodI am giving today’s post this title because I am living a dream within a dream. Conscious Mastery, a dream of helping others, spreading the light and love was born from the dream of my soul expressing through music. The life lessons that came, not only from the learning curve of the art itself, but from the lyrics that came to and through me set me on a course to improve myself, my thinking and in all ways how I lived and dealt with Life.  I call the music Conscious Rock  for that reason. The music gave way to writing my first book, Conscious Mastery~ Freedom from the Inside out.” I realize now it is somewhat of a school book so to speak. Unlike a novel, reading from beginning to end, my book has had people jumping to chapters that were delivering information pertinent to their current life experience and so the book delivers help when and where needed.

Before and after the book was published I held meditation classes, sessions on line and other forms of “teaching” which from my humble point of view is a sharing of knowledge acquired through life experiences.

Oliver Wendel Holmes Jr. said ” A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.” I find this to be as true a statement if ever there was one. The majority of my time is now spent in the dream of creating and sharing my music. I feel a sense of having come full circle. The experiences of writing the book and all that came with it stretched my mind and so it is that I see the natural blending of these two dreams of living life whole, happy, and free doing what makes my heart say “Yes girl you are on the right path.”

I just released a new EP ( extended play) album titled “Rattle the Cage”  My thoughts and feelings about the music gave me this tag line: “Raising the consciousness of mankind one song at a time” so you see Conscious Mastery and Astara Summers Music are linked. I will continue to post articles here and my plan is to become a bit more transparent so you see me as a real person. I would also like to invite you to check out my music web-site at AstaraSummers.com


Many of us who are driven to do a certain type of work know that it is not done for money, however living on planet Earth money is an exchange of energy needed to get on with living. “Rattle the Cage” is a 5 song Ep  available as a download for $4.99. If you don’t like downloading and would rather have an actual CD, physical copies will be available on Cdbaby by end of Sept/beginning Oct ( same link applies) Some people still like that …  Well I got you covered this time.

Here is the link to download Rattle the Cage. direct from CDbaby

or you can down load direct from my site on the music page

I want to thank you for your support. I do hope you feel the light and lift that comes when creating with love, when you listen to these songs, fore as sure as I am writing this, love is the main ingredient in all my work.

Laying the foundation for the next EP has begun. I will play live beginning in Oct.2016

I am available as a keynote speaker/musician for conferences, conventions and retreats. An event planner who would love to have an author singer/songwriter of all things Conscious delivering the keynote for their event, I am their girl.

If anyone receiving this knows of an event planner looking to fill such a position please share this or send me their contact info via e-mail and I will happily follow up with them.

I am available to create custom songs .. there is page on my site discussing that as well.

May the light of a new day dawn each morning inspiring you to love more today than yesterday

love and light

Song titles:

Ode to the Greedy Man

Coming out of Nowhere


Philosophers Stone

Be Here Now