To understand the idea of containing emotions we must first see ourselves as containers. Contain by definition means to have or to hold, to consist of. We, as human beings, contain energy. We are energy. Our physical form allows us to experience and express life on planet earth and yet our energy extends beyond our body.

To be a healthy container we are neither erupting with excessive emotional expression nor are we holding back. We have a strong and large energy field that allows us to remain peaceful even during stressful situations. Our energy field does not collapse with every challenge that comes to greet us. We have personal power. We are experiencing personal growth consciously. Aware of our spiritual awakening, we take on responsibility to create the best life ever.


 Conscious Breathing


To have a strong, flexible and large field of energy one must become conscious of their breathing. This sounds simple and it is; yet the majority of people do not give a thought to how they are breathing. They simply know they are because they are still alive. A person who breaths shallow (upper lungs only) through out the day will not have a strong field of energy. Many people actually hold their breath periodically unconsciously through out the day. If one does not breath full deep rhythmic breaths their container will be weak. Small annoyances will become large and sometimes even preoccupy the mind. Frustration spills out randomly or is held down with force. In either case, energy is not well contained, flowing and energizing the individual so they eventually become tired, uninspired, depleted and often times even depressed. A great way to get in touch with your breath is to begin a daily meditation. Focus on the sound of your breath and consciously follow each inhalation and exhalation. With as little as five minutes in the morning and the evening you will begin to notice a positive difference in your ability to handle stress and good times alike within 14-30 days.

Emotion is energy in motion.

We are the healthiest when we allow our emotions to flow, when we are conscious enough to purify our negative emotions without judgment, when we neither depend on our emotions to manipulate a situation nor stifle nor suffocate them. When we are able to contain our emotions we are ensuring ourselves of an ample supply of energy. Remember to contain emotions is not restricting the flow. Rather we are in balance with truthful expression imbued with love. Even anger can be permeated with the feeling and uplifting clarity of love, if we allow it.

When we are a masterful container for our emotions we do not drown in emotions nor do we drown others in our emotional expression.

We will be conscious enough of the undercurrents of emotions to be both informed of their true nature and influenced in such a way that we seek and find harmony and union with the truthful vibrations of love, peace, kindness, generosity, patience and understanding. To detect undercurrents in ourselves gives us the opportunity to come together putting both feet on the same path so to speak. To detect undercurrents in others brings us information that we feel as intuition and can guide us to make good choices.

Understanding our currents of energy

To be a large healthy container of energy allows us to understand our currents of energy and provides us a clear opportunity to direct the flow of our energy consciously. In what direction do we want to go? Do you desire freedom? Understand what freedom means to you right now and direct your energy thus. You desire love? Understand what that means to you right now, today and direct your current of energy accordingly. Do you desire a new career? Understand what that means to you, what it looks like and feels like, then direct your energy to begin creating opportunities. Does that mean you go back to school or does that mean you start to draw up plans and ideas to start your own business?

Our energy is directed by the nature of our thoughts and what we pay attention to. Our emotions are to be honored, understood and if they are of a low vibrational nature, we are to use the power of our thoughts to lift them up. Our thoughts are not meant to ignore or dismiss the true nature of our emotions simply because they are unpleasant. This will make it difficult if not impossible for lower vibrating emotions to lighten up and meet with joy, happiness, love and peace. Our thoughts are to acknowledge and honor our feelings and offer direction. There is an unspoken agreement between our thoughts and our feelings when emotions are acknowledged for what they are and gently guided upward.

Become aware and pay attention to your emotional expression and inspired thoughts. Vibrations hold information.  Emotions have something to teach us. Become bold enough in your thinking to create and recognize new opportunities. Apply your expanded thinking to practical everyday activities. Become conscious of your breathing and strengthen your field of energy. Hold your space and know your thoughts. See yourself as a healthy container of energy that is aligned with the never-ending well spring of love from Source. This is an abundant universe.

Revolutionize your life. Break through the old patterns of unconscious activity.  Liberate yourself from unhealthy thinking. Trust in the graceful flow of honest emotional expression, expressing your true nature. Purify your thoughts, words and deeds and dare to succeed. Happiness is the expression of a successful life.

To your happiness and fulfillment

In the spirit of peace, love, and light. Astara