I found a snippet of poetry in a notebook dated 2004. I was drawn to it and inspired to complete it from my view of life here in 2017. I know we all say “time fly’s” and often embrace it as truth. The strange construct we call time really doesn’t even exist but how would we, as humans, wrap our tiny little minds around such a truth. Many of us have had experiences of time standing still or warping and wrapping giving further evidence that time, as we consider it from clock to calendar, is an illusion.  As I read from the notebook that had musings dating back to 1997 I was most certainly transported to meet the hand holding pen and ink that lay messages upon the paper.

To that I say, ” Let us dance the dance of our heart’s desire for we are so much more than human.”

And now here is my new piece of poetry entitled ” Feeling Strange”

I feel strange, like nothing matters

I feel as though I am in a void bumping an occasional



experience…Now and then.


“Clear!” I say, “Clear!”

Help me let go of whatever is holding me.

After so long, so many years of releasing and healing what is left that I am unaware of ? What!?


My will, Thy will, I will ….Love.

Steadfast eternal I Am Love.


I Am a vehicle of conveyance for the light.

Let no shadow lurk unnoticed.

In noticing let the sacred flame burn the dross.

Shadow no more~ Leave only the Light.


“Clear!” I say, “Clear!”

Clear as crystal may I be


miles high fathoms deep

beyond the sky beneath the sea

Fill my heart. Let me see


In seeing I know

In knowing I do

In doing I affect

my reality.


love and light