To Begin:

Light a candle or some incense creating a sacred space bringing your attention to the present moment. Read the meditation through slowly and get a feel for the essence of this work. Open your mind and relax your body as you bring in the feeling of deep self acceptance and your divine connection with Mother/Father God. As you read the meditation a second time, become conscious of your breath. Allow your inhalations and exhalations to be smooth, slow, and rhythmic.

Now come into a comfortable position. Now that you have read through the meditation, you have already begun to attract the flow of energy that resonates with the acceptance of all that you are, your wholeness. Now slowly close your eyes, inhale and exhale slow and deep. With each inhalation silently say the first line:

I am the light of Mother/Father God that never fails:

Then exhale slowly. Repeat this three times. Slow and easy.

Roll your eyes up slightly as if you are looking out the top of your head. With intent to increase the flow of energy you generated with the initial reading, relax your eyes and bring your attention to your heart center. Relax, breath and trust that your energy is increasing its vibration aligning with the loving acceptance and acknowledgment of all that you are. Rest in the heart center, commune with Mother/Father God. Slowly bring your thoughts to your radiant health, your divine beauty, integrating all parts of your being with unconditional love. Maintain the flow of energy for as long as you are able.

When you have finished with the meditation read it over once again and feel how connected you have become with Source and your own divinity.

Self-Acceptance Meditation:

I am the light of Mother/Father God that never fails.

Mother/Father God dwells within my heart.

Every cell that makes up the “Allness of my Beingness” is accepted by me in the light of love that is unconditional.

All aspects of myself are known to me and I lovingly acknowledge all that I am.

And because I lovingly acknowledge all that I am I naturally grow in wholeness in my every thought, word, and deed.

I am a beautiful expression of my total self and naturally draw upon the unlimited resources of the universe for my continued growth and understanding of all that is and all that I am as, I am That I am.

As I grow in faith and love and total acceptance of all that I am, the light within me burns ever brighter.

I am radiant health and joyous aliveness.

I integrate all parts of my beingness with unconditional love and bring forth the expression of my truest self that most clearly radiates my deepest soulful expression of life on Earth.

I honor and care for my ethereal, emotional and mental bodies.


In this present expression of life on Earth I honor and care for the physical body I have chosen.

I move through every day life with integrity, grace, kindness, and understanding.

I flow with the changes of life with grace and ease.

I trust the natural flow of changes within me and all around me.

I call all parts of myself unto myself for the perfect expression of all that I am.

I am in the vibration of deep appreciation and gratitude.


May you be blessed

love and light, Astara