Are you ready to be happy ?
Are you willing to do what it takes to experience “Lasting Happiness?”

Most of us know happiness is not dependent upon what we have or what is our station in life etc. etc. etc. so I won’t go into that. There is evidence of this everywhere.

Here begins my offering in hopes of inspiring your “Lasting Happiness.”

Happiness that survives challenges and eventually resurfaces after the storm is one vibration. Happiness that continues to be present during the storm “Lasting Happiness” is quite another. The vibration of “Lasting Happiness” has Peace emanating from It’s very core. A firm conviction to remain ever present, trusting in the process of Life and faith in the Goodness of Life cultivates deep inner Peace. The door of freedom is wide open when we choose to be free from the negativity that attempts to gain our attention. Stand firm regardless of appearances. In this freedom, peace deepens. The truth is that everything we need and need to know lies within us if we would take the time to be still.  In the stillness, consciousness becomes fixed upon the essence of being, the very light of the soul. The clamor of the outer mind begins to quiet. Patience will take you there.

When the challenges that we all face give way to argument and a need to prove righteousness we are employing our lower ego. There is no “Lasting Happiness” here. When the challenges that we all face inspire us to dig deep and love big we are cultivating the reality of “Lasting Happiness.” It is not just in fairy tales that “Happy ever after” exists. The veil of illusion that has humans adhering to the darkness is beginning to give way. This is a time for our activity, our thoughts, and our feelings to be in alignment with the truth that is making itself known. The truth is Divine Love is the path, the way and gives solution to every discord humans create including the creation of human love which is far from Divine love as it is typically laced with jealousy, fear, guilt and God knows what else. Visualize peace. Be at peace with yourself and others. Know that responsibility lies first and foremost in what is happening in our own world, the day to day of our ordinary life. Get that part on track. Be the example of what you say you believe, hope for and desire.

There are two choices everyone who desires “Lasting Happiness” can and must employ.  Self discipline and self correction. Pull in the tendrils of energies you’ve been given to create and begin creating something positive, something beautiful, starting with yourself. Be the best you, resist the urge or habit of telling others what to do, what is right for them and how it should be. Resist being the one to correct others in favor of redirecting your energy to correct yourself, discipline your consciousness to choose peace and freedom. Discontinue complaining, fretting, telling lies, worrying, gossiping, ruminating about negative things. Free yourself from being angry, judgmental, critical and mean. No one likes to think of themselves as mean yet many people are mean and don’t even realize it. How do I begin…you may ask???  Still yourself. See who you have become. When you see yourself as you have become begin to employ self discipline and self correction.

Take the time to center, still your outer mind, listen for the inner voice that guides all humans to experience Perfection in this life. Embrace the light that is the Source of “Lasting Happiness.” One step at a time in this way will lead you on a path of perfecting yourself. You will be amazed at how many things in your life will shift and change as you persevere on the path to Light. Some things and people will fade away. Do not fret, just let go and let God.  I say this because as you continue on the path the Radiance of the one true God regardless of what anyone calls the Source of Life will expand and illuminate your life. Shine on!




Here is my rendition of coloring “Balance of the Masculine Feminine” from last post. If you have a snap shot of yours send it to me and I will post it. Let me know of your experience if you feel so moved to share …peace and love






Coloring page by: Mother/daughter Heather and Alyza…


Thank you for sharing  🙂






May your path lead you to the reality of experiencing “Lasting Happiness

love and light