Balance of the Masculine/Femininehow do i get happy?

Sometimes all it takes to shift your feelings and heighten your consciousness is a little color. As children we colored and it was fun. Enjoy this meditation coloring experience. Turn on some music if you like. Read and ponder the poetry. Choose your colors and have fun. You can put it up on the fridge to admire for a while and to remind you of the sweet balance we have available to us at any moment we choose.



Balance of the Masculine/FeminineBalance of Masculine/Feminine

As I embrace the feminine within
I honor the Divine Mother
As I embrace the masculine within I honor the Divine Father

I am whole I am true
I know what to do
I am stable I am strong My heart fills with song

Download Image and poem by clicking below:

Chapter Three      from “Conscious Mastery ~ Freedom from the Inside out ”

coloring book image and poem by yours truly 🙂

love and light

Astara Summers