The body; what an amazing creation. It is often called the temple giving us an idea of its great importance. To care for the body is to listen to its needs and then provide. The time has come for us to remember the inner healer and begin the process of healing our own bodies. When we are no longer hiding from others or ourselves an attitude of openness and acceptance brings about healing. We have everything within us to heal ourselves and become whole if we allow it.

When we quiet ourselves enough to listen to the needs of the body we discover many things. Meditation provides a way.

Chang Tzu said,” To a mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders.”


Habits create a structure limiting the true needs of the body. One often discovers judgments fueling the need to adhere to habits. Habits override the sensitive response of the body. Adhering to an imposed learned behavior does not leave room open for a true response. Many people equate habits to something bad like smoking cigarettes. However, habits are habits.

An example of a perceived good habit is exercise. Of course we all know exercise is good for the body. If one is overriding the sensitive response of the body, exercise takes on a different tone. Example:” I run everyday no matter what. I push myself even when I don’t feel like it.” Now a fine line is being drawn here because there are times when giving ourselves a little push is what takes us to the next level. Here again truly knowing yourself and hearing the voice of your body is all-important.

Listen To Your Body:

However, if this person pushes everyday giving no honor to the voice of the body that speaks of sore muscles, a need for rest or painful joints, some part of the body will break down. This is when the person has created a situation of “forced rest” due to injury. The habit overrode the sensitive and wise response of the body. The judgment here could be, “I have to run or I will get fat. I have to run or I will get depressed.” The same applies with food. Example: “I never eat this or I always eat that.” If your body is happy and your energy is vital then you are most likely giving your body what it needs. If it isn’t perhaps listening more closely to the needs of the body may have you relaxing in your “always/never” approach to nutrition.


Balance comes from a true response to the needs of the moment. This applies to the body as much as it applies to every situation and circumstance life has to offer.

When beliefs or techniques become habits or crutches growth is no more. Are you involved in a ritual or technique that had potency and meaning but now find yourself struggling with it or simply going through the motions? This is your signal to let them go. Remain in the stillness; be patient with the emptiness for a time until a fresh new insight or inspiration comes to you and it will. 🙂

Response And The Inner Healer:

The body has wise counsel to give us if we could only hear it. A mind filled with clutter and inner conflict makes inner listening very difficult and in some cases impossible. Repressed emotions add to this inner conflict and sooner or later the physical body holds what the emotional body can no longer hold. Everything we ignore or suppress eventually finds its way into the physical body. Symptoms provide clues to teach us the true “cause” for disease or injury. If we would stop suppressing or ignoring the warnings or symptoms but instead began to listen and then release the “cause” disease would not come into full expression. If it has already come into full expression then releasing the “cause” will bring about healing. Find the wounded consciousness associated with the symptoms or break down of the body and you are well on your way to activating the inner healer.

The Healing Power Within:

Connect with the healing power within. Learn to listen to your body. Evolve your ability to listen to the body by intending to notice more. Turn toward that which you have previously chosen to ignore. Dissolve inner conflict so you can hear what needs to be heard. Pushing inner conflict down or away does not rid you of it. Give it your attention with intent to understand it and thereby dissolving the conflict in the light of understanding. Now it is no longer a conflict but usable knowledge.

Pain; What Is It Trying To Tell You?

Pain whether it is emotional or physical is a signal that lets you know your attention is required!

Here are a couple things it may be trying to tell you:

A) There is a lack of readiness for the experience, which is a warning.

B)  It’s the body’s initial way of warning you of an imbalance which will result in disease.

Bring your attention to the warning signals and ask yourself some important questions. Am I ready for this experience? Am I ready to make changes? What does my body need? What will assist me in bringing peace to my mind and health to my body?

These are just a few examples to get you started but questions specific to you will rise up. Ask the questions, then quiet yourself and wait for the answer. When you receive answers in the form of inspired thoughts or ideas follow through with action. This is empowering and paves the way for self-reliance, self-love and confidence.

Life is an echo — what you send out comes back — Chinese proverb

excerpt from chapter “Seeds of thought”  from up coming book titled:

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