Goddess of Self-hood, light and Protector of the VulneralbeGoddess Artemis ~


The meditation to reclaim “lost parts of you” can be done at any time and in any place. Just make sure you will not be disturbed and you feel safe.

After a few times with this meditation you may choose to do it with the person or people to whom you have given pieces of yourself. You can accomplish this in physical reality or ask their higher self to be present during your meditation. Forgiveness is the key energy to allowing everyone involved to heal.


If you are comfortable with the idea, you can call in Goddess Artemis also known as Goddess of the Moon, Goddess of Light and the Protector of the Vulnerable. She is a huntress and will assist you in finding your lost fragmented pieces. If that doesn’t resonate with you do this meditation simply as follows.

Sit, stand or lie with your spine straight. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath and release it. Do this several times. Take another deep breath, now breathing into your womb, your center.  With your mind’s eye look at your body. Ask yourself if there are any fragments or missing pieces.

Open to allow yourself to get a sense, image, or feeling of where those missing pieces are. Now call those parts of yourself home to your heart. Sense, feel or see those missing parts of you coming back to you.

Let the missing parts of you re-enter your body through your heart chakra so they may balance in both the masculine and feminine energies. As they do, feel yourself grow stronger and more vital with every breath. Allow the movement to continue until it is complete. Be patient. You may feel or sense certain parts of your body calling for attention. Breath into those parts with love and gentle kindness.

When you have received as much of yourself “home to your heart” as you are able to at this time, bring your attention to your physical heart. Rest there for several minutes with gratitude and appreciation. Allow your emotions to move freely being ever so kind and gentle with yourself and thank your fragments for returning. Slowly open your eyes.


 Missing Pieces? How Can That Happen?

fragments returning homeAny life experiences that have overwhelmed us, traumatized us or brought on feelings of great shame or guilt are just a few of the reasons we fragment and lose parts of ourselves. Some people have been in controlling and manipulative relationships since childhood. Much gets lost in these types of relationships. Great confusion about what is love transpires and the flow of unconditional love is blocked. In the pain that accompanies blocked unconditional love, parts of ourselves split or fragment leaving us less than whole.

After the Meditation:

I always find it a good idea to remain still for a bit to integrate what has just happened. Then journal. This is a very important part of integrating as well. You may feel emotions well up. Don’t stop them, lovingly allow them to move through you. Do not hold them or spin in the story, remain unattached and free. When you finish taking yourself back you may want to re-enforce your boundaries and identify your fragments. Write down your experience and your new awareness.

Drink plenty of water to assist in the flow of energy. Your body will thank-you by coming into balance very quickly 🙂

May we all

Live Life Whole Happy and Free!

love, Astara