Once upon a time I loved deeply.

Then one day the object of my love began to frighten me.

Fear grew and behaviors began to twist.

Unchecked, fear took over and the one I once loved so deeply I began to hate.


Hate grew and twisted the outward expression even further.

It began to turn in on itself.

Without conscious recognition I began to hate myself.

Twisted to the point of being unrecognizable, I began to cry for help.


Those who heard me were not of this EarthThe only Ones to hear me were not of this Earth.

I wasted precious time doubting I was heard at all yet little by little I began to recognize small things, small miracles.

So small were the changes no one else could see them.

No one believed me.

I did not listen to the clucking of others.


Rather I separated myself from them so I could grow unhindered, with the seemingly imperceptible changes within.

Much time has passed.

Love and Light has shattered and consumed both hatred and fear.

Once again I Am free to love and be loved as it was in the beginning.